“Barbara Vaughn | Optasia”

“Barbara Vaughn | Optasia” opens on June 26 and remains on view through July 20. An Opening Reception takes place on July 4 from 4 to 7 p.m.

“Optasia” is an exhibition of new works by acclaimed photographer Barbara Vaughn. Vaughn takes as her subject matter bodies of water from all across the world. By zooming in on and skillfully framing the reflections cast by various structures and objects—including buildings, boats, and flags—she creates stunning abstract images.

“Optasia,” the Greek word for a vision or apparition, aptly captures what the artist calls “the sense of what I see in fleeting moments of the reflections I photograph.”

After two decades of making representational art, Vaughn relinquished recognizable manifestations of reality and embraced an array of cubist, abstract, and postmodern influences. “This bicoastal photographer,” a San Francisco Chronicle reviewer wrote, “has taken a pictorial cliché, reflections on the surfaces of bodies of water, and turned it into a means of generating compositions that echo classics of Surrealist and abstract painting.”

Quogue Gallery is located at 44 Quogue Street, Quogue, NY 11959. www.quoguegallery.com.

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