An Artists’ Place Series | One of Three Exhibitions

This summer, MARQUEE PROJECTS is pleased to present An Artists’ Place in collaboration with the Bellport Brookhaven Historical Society. Concurrent with a series of BBHS programs celebrating the history of artists who have lived in the area over the past two centuries, MARQUEE PROJECTS will show contemporary art from Bellport and vicinity in three exhibitions during the months of June and July. Presenting a total of some twenty-four artists, the three exhibitions will be curated by Mark Van Wagner, owner of MARQUEE PROJECTS, and Beverly Allan, curator from Brookhaven.

Each show will bring together local artists who represent an extremely wide variety of backgrounds, approaches, styles, and media. Their work includes cutting-edge abstraction, landscape, figurative pieces, conceptual art, sculpture, photography, and performance art from emerging as well as established careers.

Artists exhibiting for this show will be Lia Chavez, Jorge Otero-Pailos, John Perrault, Randy Polumbo, Peter Schlesinger, Gary Schneider, Mark Van Wagner and Larry Wolhandler.

For more information regarding these exhibitions please contact Mark Van Wagner or Tonja Pulfer at [email protected]


Press Release
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