Alex Moore: Halcyon Days

Alex Moore first became enamored with polaroid photography while studying abroad in Paris in the spring of 2016.  Moore’s initial focus, while attending the Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan, was in illustration and painting, but a fateful encounter with a polaroid camera completely changed the direction of his creative output.  Halcyon Days is a collection of photography based entirely on Moore’s polaroid work.  The exhibit is comprised of images taken during Moore’s many travels.  While Moore has taken polaroid photos throughout North America, Asia and Europe, most of the work in his newest exhibit focus on Mexico, New Mexico, Southern France, New York City and the Hamptons.

Moore’s use of the polaroid as his medium of choice heightens the travelogue quality of his images.  In Halcyon Days, photos of landmarks and landscapes are paired with portraits of friends, models and strangers that Moore encounters during his explorations.  While the polaroid format may imply spontaneity, in reality, Moore must lean heavily on his formal Fine Arts training to ensure a successful photo.  Because Moore only utilizes natural lighting, each shot requires a degree of planning.   Locations are scouted and compositions and palette are considered before each shoot.

Press Release
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