Pearlstein McCollough & Lederman LLP offers legal services for the international art market in Southampton, NY, Midtown Manhattan, and Downtown Manhattan.

Pearlstein McCollough & Lederman LLP advises their clients on a wide variety of transactions, disputes and regulatory matters involving different segments of the art market, including:

• Privately-negotiated purchase and sale transactions
• Consignments to galleries and auction houses
• Artist-dealer relations
• Disputes and litigation involving fakes and forgeries, attribution and authenticity
• Advisory and consulting arrangements
• Formation and operation of art investment funds
• Art finance and lending
• Museum loan and acquisition agreements
• Online sales and marketing
• Policy and regulatory matters involving particular art market sectors (e.g. antiquities and endangered species)
• Formation and governance of not-for-profit entities
• Licensing
• Import/export and customs issues relating to fine art, collectibles and antiquities
• Contested seizures and forfeitures

Located at 53 Hill Street, Suite 208, Southampton, NY 10036.

Contact 631.594.3737 or visit for more information.

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