Still life

"Orchids, Scarf, and Clamshell" by Nina Gillman, 2017.

I am a representational painter and see myself as a child of the modernist tradition. Still life, interiors, and all manner of plants and flowers are my primary subject matter; my media are oil painting, collage, and

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"Two Sisters with Roadkill" by Cara De Angelis, 2016. Oil on linen, 41 inch diameter. Courtesy of the artist.

The central theme in my work is the interplay between the domestic and the wild, which is integral to my series on roadkill. Ten years ago I began bringing animals found on local roads into my studio

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“I see beauty in everyday objects, the world in small fragments, each scene its own complete world. My pieces have a painterly quality; you can’t always tell if it’s a painting or a photograph. I strive for

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