Elizabeth Casqueiro is a visual artist who was born in England and grew up in Portugal.  She came to live in the United States first as a high school exchange student and later as a graduate university student.  During her career in international development organizations, she traveled to the far reaches of the world. A resident of Washington D.C., she now devotes her time primarily to art, and works from her studios in Washington and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Elizabeth is an architect by training and has studied art at St. Martin’s College of Art in London, the Corcoran School of Art, and the Washington Studio School.

Artist Statement

Growing up in Portugal, I was exposed to a cultural tradition of storytelling, from traditional legends to everyday experiences spun into the most elaborate, and often humorous, tales.  My art themes will often reflect this early cultural influence.  I later trained as a graphic designer and an architect, and this impact is also evident in my abstracted work.   

At the time I was growing up in Portugal, the country was relatively insulated from the world, and I was very curious about what was happening outside its borders.  My first impressions of the United States, where I eventually came to live, were formed through American comic books, with their charismatic super heroes portrayed in high energy, entertaining narratives of triumph of good over evil. My current series is a tribute to this early window into an America in motion, brimming with confidence and determination. Basing my abstracted paintings on comics of the 1950s and 1960s, I re-imagine the images through energetic line, color and shape, and marvel at the newly spun tale that emerges.






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