For more than 30 years, Kevin McKeon has been telling stories on behalf of brands, as an award-winning creative leader and writer in the advertising field. His innovative multimedia work on behalf of iconic brands like Virgin Atlantic, Johnnie Walker, Levis, Honda, Jim Beam and Axe have been honored with a wide range of creative awards, including several Cannes Lions and Clios.

Kevin McKeon. Courtesy of the artist.

This past year, Kevin turned his story-telling talents toward photography. These images are a small sample of his first large-scale project, a year-long look at the diverse culture and curious human interactions that take place on the benches and along the boardwalk of Coney Island. The project, titled Meet Me on a Bench in Coney Island, offers a contemporary look at a unique and fascinating environment that is all too often hidden under a veil of nostalgia.


Instagram: @realconeyisland


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