My paintings evolve out of my subconscious in a free flowing intuitive process – I do not start with a preconceived idea or plan – the art is my reflection.  The work I create makes people feel good & instills positive emotions and harmony, along with a curiosity. My work frees the mind and spirit; inspired by the early Abstract Expressionists I seek the emotion and spirit of the painting by way of the unconscious and spiritual. 

Connections are important in my pieces - I find it intriguing to connect odd materials or colors I might not previously think would “go together” to see how they work. Sometimes I am surprised how they can easily become unified and live harmoniously within the space once given the chance. I like an isolated quiet space and that is reflected in some works but there is always a connection to be found or one I am still seeking. The white spaces become restful & contemplative giving the viewer time to think. I love and am inspired by textural qualities and strive to use diverse materials in my work – having had my studio in the Garment District in Manhattan was a wonderful influence on the pieces and made them grow.

The space we occupy physically & emotionally is important to us all so is the space these materials occupy within the surface. Whether confined, enclosed, open or vast the space comes alive through the colors, shapes and layers that work their way in often by collage of handmade, monoprint & marbled papers, fabrics and other diverse materials onto a surface of canvas. Some paintings arise from applying gesso over earlier paintings, sanding them down and letting some of that imagery come through. Others are the direct application of materials onto the surface. Each completed vision portrays a sensitivity and fragility along with a strong visual image. The image is abstract but the feeling is solidified and they become conversational.


Instagram: @pommerart


E-mail: [email protected]

Cell: 917-821-0753

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