Jessica Alazraki’s figurative portraits convey everyday stories of colorful characters.
These are confronting the viewer, without interacting with each other, instead
submerged in their own personal psyche. The narratives are based in ordinary and
familiar scenes of Latino family life, highlighting the influence of American culture and
implying indirect political statements. The strong presence of primitive and naïve
style connects the works to folklore elements and Mexican crafts.

Composition and color are prominent in the paintings, as the artist opts for the
placement of the elements versus the realistic quality of the form. Her intention is to
break traditional viewing rules and come up with unpredictable pictures. Laws of
perspectives and anatomy are altered thus creating distortions and exaggerations and
ultimately prioritizing emotion over objective reality.

Humor, nostalgia, patterns and decorative elements play an important role in the
compositions. The light source is not clear, nor consistent, and color enters the
paintings in radical, aggressive ways delivering emotion. Within the representational
figures, abstracted forms appear. This subtle abstraction brings forth the social
condition of the Latino, both defined and abstracted in the US.






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