I use the formal elements in my current work to explore the emerging and receding interplay between abstract and figurative art. I combine painting techniques in order to adjust my experience of immediacy (or distance) from the material, as well as to alternate a sense of intention and of spontaneity. For example, I may have indirect contact with the medium through pouring and dripping the paint onto the canvas, or a more direct interaction through drawing with my hands or various tools. Alternatively, I might simply try to “encourage” the flow of the paint by tilting, turning and twisting the canvas, which diminishes my sense of control by allowing the force of gravity to influence the creative act. I view the resulting “paint-trails” as a “natural” phenomenon, just as the contours of a beach are the natural result of waves, or ripples on the ocean, of wind.  Through weaving together these various techniques. I envision my paintings as records of not just their particular visual subject, but also my own changing attitudes throughout the creative process. In this way, I don’t resist including myself as part of the work, while avoiding having exclusive control over it.

Website: www.carolinekaplowitz.com

Instagram: @caroline_kaplowitz

E-mail: [email protected]

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