Long Island

"The Toycase" by Anthony D'Avino.

Described as a “Pop Super Realist,” Anthony D’Avino’s art moves beyond strict representation to capture charm and joy through color and composition. Frequently created in series, his paintings draw inspiration from his antique toy collection, roadside attractions,

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"Fusion 41" by Caroline Kaplowitz, 2018. Gouache, pastel & watercolor on paper, 16 x 12 inches.

I use the formal elements in my current work to explore the emerging and receding interplay between abstract and figurative art. I combine painting techniques in order to adjust my experience of immediacy (or distance) from the

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"Rhapsody No. 3 - All That Jazz" by Karen L. Kirshner. © Karen L. Kirshner.

Critics have said Karen’s art is original, complex, exciting and beautiful.She does not accept the status quo. Even though she has complete control over her technique, she keeps challenging herself with new possibilities. “If you seek power

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