I am a landscape painter who paints on wood.  Born and raised in Southampton to a farming family, my life has been molded by the expansiveness of the fields and water. I’m most inspired to attempt to capture this beauty and remembered vastness in what I paint.

The wood is an integral aspect of my art. When I have a specific scene in mind, I search my sheets of birch plywood for the right pattern in the grain. This pattern gives life to the composition, becoming another layer of the mist, movement in the sky, or a ripple in the water. Then the wood working begins. I cut the desired size, build & attach support for the larger works, & finally sand & seal the wood in a way to allow the wood grain to show through. I see the scene in the wood before the first brushstroke. The paint simply continues the work the wood’s grain has started.

4x6 and 8x10 works are usually done on site, en plain air, to quickly capture the light and color. Larger paintings are done in my studio from smaller studies and photographic references. When possible, I will utilize glazes to capture the depth of color while allowing the grain to peek through. 


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