Like many other artists I fell in love with the East End of Long Island, its extraordinary light, the ocean and its wide pristine beaches and the clean air, the quaint and lazy shorelines of Shelter Island. Light and water became a major inspiration for my art work as I am dividing my time between Shelter Island in summer and the Bahamas in winter. 

My “Light and Sea“ series are abstract visual meditations derived from the interplay of air, light and water and the shifting of colors and shapes from form to formlessness. I am using photography as a tool to express my feelings and impressions. The original photographic images are digitally transformed so that colors and shapes turn into abstractions of the source image: the brushing light lines on water surfaces turn into metaphorical visual rhythms, repetitive strolls on lines and dots.

My intentions are to convey feelings of losing oneself in space with no sense of time and place similar to the practice of meditation. I often work with multiple layers to achieve the final image which emerges from my subconscious, the inner sea where creativity exists and from where ideas manifest in the physical realm.


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