Mike McLaughlin. Courtesy of the artist.

Mike McLaughlin. Courtesy of the artist.

As an admirer of modern architecture the inspiration for my photography has come from a desire to honor the spare, clean lines of the aesthetic. Being based both on Long Island and in New York City I have the opportunity to interpret this clarity of form in rural as well as urban settings. Early North Fork images bring this eye for order to agricultural and seaside vistas while later city-based series reflect a more literal examination of architectural structure and pattern. Shooting in natural light many of my images are characterized by the muted tones of an overcast sky or the soft hues of twilight and dusk.

In my new Architectural Extractions series alternative techniques are used to highlight the solitary beauty of individual classical and modern buildings. The removal of crowded urban backgrounds encourages the viewer to focus on the detail of a structure’s form and ornament. The replacement solid or gradated color brings a new context to the image – suggesting the building’s “personality” and accentuating the quality of light. Ultimately what I’m endeavoring to create is what the architect might recognize as his or her conceptual, drawing board vision.

Mike was featured in an Hamptons Art Hub Artist Profile, "Photographer Mike McLaughlin Connects Modern Architecture & North Fork Living through the Beauty of Simplicity".

Website: www.MikeMcLaughlinPhoto.com

Email: [email protected]


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