Michael Cardacino, a multimedia artist who lives and works in Springs, East Hampton, NY.  His art, realized in sculpture, installations, stills and performance pieces on paper and video, evidences an unusual representational take on how art can expand awareness, create a shared experience of timely events, and provoke a constructive conversation about the causes of suffering and conflict in the world.

Using additive manufacturing techniques and computer software Mr. Cardacino has been able to develop a 3D printed sculptural technique that draws its references from the ancient eras of carving, mold making, casting and the direct metal techniques of the industrial age.

His work, an exploration and collaboration between new technologies in science and art that is emerging only now as the techniques of 3D and 4D printing move forward.  Sculpture for the 21st century and beyond.

Emptiness of SHARK

Computer designed, 3D printed composite material, copper and nickel plated, applied patina.

72” x 48” x 24”

The shark's “skin” is made of the repeated word, shark. Consider what is appearing in our mind regarding “shark”. When we think, “shark,” our minds connect to an infinite variety of things, each with their own conditions: ocean, other fish, swimmers, “Jaws,” “Shark Tank,”,danger, beauty, conservation, fear, etc. The hollow sculpture and repeated name can move viewers to see that shark is a big fish, yet realize that the psychological construct we mentally create which “sees” a shark, colors our observation. We can conclude that conditioned thoughts we bring to the world color it, causing our actions and reactions.

The Root Cause

Computer designed, 3D printed composite material, copper plated, applied patina.

Volition, Will, Cause and Effect. Appropriated from the ancient diagram of the Wheel of Life, the skin of the animals inside the ring is made of words representing states of mind. The pig: Ignorance, the bird: Desire and Attachment, and the snake: Hatred and Anger. All three animal skins are composed of words: I, Me, Mine. All three, held tightly in the grip of the Lord of Death.

A few turns of the spring-wound motor create an action, “karma.” The wheel of life turns and suffering begins. The sculpture is a contemplation on the mechanisms of an uncontrolled mind.

They Own the Place

Part of Michael's, What is Freedom Series

organic inks on canvas – 13” x 24”

A Mind of Enlightenment

The Bamiyan Buddhas of Afghanistan, destroyed in 2001, by Taliban soldiers, represents the antithesis of such a mind. By rebuilding the Buddha's image out of images of those that destroyed it, I hoped to express the Buddhist idea of non-attachment, tolerance, love and compassion.

organic inks on canvas – 120” x 120”

Do You Believe in God?

Michael explores conformity and personal power in this life size work.
Archival Digital Print and Mixed Media
72"H x 36"W x 24"D each

Blake Prize Finalist 2016


Michael explores femininity and challenges the idyllic female form.

Detail  shown, full size 43”x 87”

organic inks on archival paper


Email: michael@cardacino.com

Tel: (631) 324-6441

Cell: (917) 681-6833

Website: www.michaelcardacino.com



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