As Best in Show winner of Hamptons Art Hub’s online competition “View from Home," Mark Webber submitted sculpture from his prolonged series “Structures:Walls:Portals” which explores qualities related to architecture but are firmly sculpture and the conceptual line that divides the two, especially as manifested in “emotional architecture" as described by Mexican architect Luis Barragan.

"Texture, composition, simplicity, and an organic element are all part of my exploration," writes Webber about his art. "What unfolds off the wall and/or into space must be aesthetically pleasing and embrace silence after all the work has been done. My materials all come from materials being used in modern homes.”

In another series “Structures:Vessels”, Webber moves away from the simplicity of the rectangle as a plane in space.  With vessels he explores what can hold space open and closed, while referencing what defines the canoe/kayak form and sculpture.


Mark Webber resides in Sag Harbor NY where he has worked as a cabinetmaker for many years.  There he learned the craft of making objects and put in his time to develop that ability.  It wasn’t until 2014, that he began in earnest to take that knowledge and apply it to his creative side.  From there his drawings and sculpture burst forth like a dam breaking, having waited so long.

He credits his Mother for surrounding him with Art as a child and passed on her talent as an artist.  “I am attempting to complete what she started and was unable to finish, that is, to produce a cohesive body of work that reaches one’s innermost expression”

Mark studied under Charles Ginnever and Peter Forakis at Windham College in Vermont. He received a BFA in sculpture at SUNY at Purchase. 


Follow Mark and his visual history on Instagram at:  seawave54

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