“I paint my two loves: NYC and the East End. Although opposites, they seem to me illuminated by
the same wild improbable light… the promise that anything is possible.”

Marcia is an oil on canvas NYC painter obsessed with color, light and the power of a fast brushstroke. With a studio in the West Village and her heart in the East End, she’s exhibited in Manhattan, Montauk and Bridgehampton.

Marcia got her training in her hometown of Madrid, at the Institute of Fine Arts and the School of Sacred Hearts. There she won a City Hall award to the most promising young artist and exhibited some of her early work. Both her Spanish and American grandmothers were painters: "Filo studied with Sorolla in Valencia and taught me about light, Marcia gave me my first oils so I could paint her Escondido backyard".

Among her influences she cites: "I don't think I'd be a painter without Pollock, Rothko, Picasso, Van Gogh, and if Monet hadn't decided to paint the sky the color of butter."​  Today, Marcia draws her inspiration from her travels, the beaches of Long Island, NYC sunsets and Street Art.


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