Marc Veit Schwaer is an award-winning German photo artist who studied photography at the State Academy of Photo Design in Munich (Germany). He graduated in 1998. He lived and worked in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg, where he ran a number of commercial photo studios and fine art photo labs, before he moved to East Hampton in 2014.

Schwaer stepped first into Photography at the age of 14, when he learned how to develop black and white pictures in the darkroom of his high school. Fascinated by science (especially physics) and art, he found photography to be the perfect combination of both.

While the medium was completely analogue during the first decade of his career, he developed a great understanding of the picture creating processes depending on the physical reality.

While studying the work of masters like Harald Edgerton as well as Magnum Photographer Josef Koudelka (among many others), he understood photography as a tool to make things visible and understandable to the human eye and mind.

His work has been shown in many single and group exhibitions in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Mallorca, Zurich, London and Edinburgh; The work‚ 'battlefield_I’ from the latest series‚ 'exposed landscapes' was awarded best photograph in Hamptons Art Hub's Competition‚ 'from the earth’.

'Exposed Landscapes' origins from the Winters 2014-2016 on the east end of Long Island and consists of a white (day) and a black (night) series which both show the landscape and nature at rattling cold. The photographs of the black series were created by a technique called light brush, in the complete darkness of new moon. The pictures of the white series were taken during the day just after it had had stopped snowing. Each of them is merged together from up to 7 single exposures to panoramic images.

At first glance the scenery seems quiet, calm and dead  – nothing seems to happen, when taking a rest in the pictures, though, the beholder’s senses sharpen and he becomes aware of further dimensions and discovers archaic patterns of the circle of life.

The landscape that was first perceived as a still life (french: 'nature morte‘ - dead nature) becomes more and more alive, the picture 'battlefield_II‘ shows 2 organisms trying to subdue one another, a moment in the history of their dispute.

All the photos are front mounted on acrylic glass and the images of the black series are printed on a special photographic metallic paper, which gives the trees an even more vivid appearance, with a little amount of fantasy one can almost hear the wood creaking and cracking while the trees are moved by the wind in the cold of the night.

-Written by Alejandrina Sandoval, December 19, 2016 






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