Gabriele T. Raacke is best known for her unique reverse-painting on glass technique. Her images may feature circus performers, animals, and fairytale characters. These pieces depict a dream like world evoking surreal and distant memories but the scenes’ humor, vibrant colors, and the brilliance of her glass medium connect to our present psyche.

For the last couple of decades, the artist has used the unusual medium of glass as her canvas, even using recycled windows from local demolitions as her medium. With "Glass Menagerie" her work moves into the third, and even fourth dimension. Using recycled bottles, collected from friends, she has created a band of doll sized characters that could be part of a small town circus or puppeteer’s theater cast. The colorful characters evoke imaginary stories similar to the magical surrealism she is known for in her two-dimensional glass paintings. The Glass Menagerie cast comes to life at Ashawagh Hall in the fourth dimension on a circular stage equipped with mechanical turntables.

Gabriele T. Raacke’s work can be viewed at

Contact: or 631-605-1190

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