Berges Alvarez's work demonstrates a profound concern and admiration for our extraordinary planet, particularly our shared "soundless landscapes" of oceans, open skies, mountains, and plants. With metaphor and imagery, he conveys a beautiful frailty that reminds us of the wonders we all hold to protect in this astonishing world.

This gripping body of work speaks softly about our contemporary technological environment and at the same time presents images in their natural balance, remote and long ago lost worlds, surprising splendors of mysteries only found in faraway lands. This social work reflects a natural world that allows present-day to show in subtle ways and in doing so, constructs communication between the plastic recycled modern world we've created and the delicate yet silently present, natural consciousness that exists around us.

Abundant, dramatic with color and sometimes in silent melancholy, Berges Alvarez's symbolic practicality of the use of recycled man-made materials to create these beautiful land and seascape photographs always fascinates and involves the beauty found within frayed edges and torn materials used to produce them. Materials that seem to have been forever forgotten in our modern day throwaway society.

These digital photographs on cotton canvas  are a bold, warm body of work that seeks to create a dynamic exchange between our connection to the natural world and our contemporary, technologically changing

Berges Alvare exhibited in many galleries from New York City, Shanghai China and East Hampton, Southampton, Garden City and Massapequa, all located on Long Island, NY.


Contact: or 516-232-6248. 

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