"Art is not a mirror held up to reality
but a hammer with which to shape it”. 

 Bertolt Brecht


With an MFA from Pratt Institute and teaching positions at Rochester Institute of Technology, Fashion Institute of Technology, and Manhattan Marymount College, Ms. Brandeis has travelled the world, seeking images to incorporate into her visual thoughts and dialogues.

Along with a book she authored, Color Processing and Printing for Prentice Hall, numerous accomplishments and awards validate her expertise, including multiple IPA, Luci awards, PX3 Prix de la Photographie, WPGA Awards, Society for Education Juror’s Award, Graphis Publication Awards. Her work may be seen on her website (annbrandeis.com) and at The White Room Gallery.

"Working with concepts and themes, I desire to create thought provoking images.  My intention is to create images that awaken visual reflections, which open up ideas and entertain dialogues.

Like the oral storytellers of earlier times I do not distinguish between the real and unreal, the physical and supernatural. Everything is viewed as a vast continuum of life.

My current work is a reflection on both universal memory and human nature, in a non-representational format.

Memories are visceral, they are not dependent upon a strict visualization of an event or a scene recreation. Rather, they often surface, sometimes unexpectedly, triggered by visual clues, sounds, smells, which serve to remind us of an experience, or component of life.

Our thoughts cause us to reflect on the many paths we have taken. Signs and symbols that visually describe or capture these memories, those moments in time which remind us of our past, sustain us through our present,  guide our future, or make a statement of life are what I seek.  Our memories, often conflicting, having little to do with rational thought. are resistant to logic. They  evoke our passions, desires, dreams as well as loss, and when embraced become our history.

The series “The Landscape of Memory” was created for just that type of reflection."

Ann Brandeis


Website: www.annbrandeis.com

Email: abrandeisphotography@gmail.com



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