I’ve been living in East Hampton for a little over 25 years. Inspired by the landscape, and seascapes, but mostly by the very active arts community around me. I grew up in an artist’s home, but only started showing my own work when I arrived here. I fell in love with Ashawagh Hall, The Springs, and this area. I’m on the board of the Springs Historical Society, have been on the board of the Springs Improvement Society and The Artist Alliance. I’ve worked in many media, both paint and sculpture. Spent a few years living on a boat in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. At present, I’ve been concentrating on acrylic. I’m more interested in the process than the subject. Of late, the subject has been the shadow cast by flowers. I’ve only just started using an acrylic medium with my paint, to slow down the drying time, which allows me to work with layers of color.



Instagram: #abbyabramsart


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