• Raindrops underneath an umbrella. Inspired from the blues song, “The Sky Is Crying” by Gary B.B. Coleman

  • “Stepping Out” is about wearing a wonderful colorful cape and allowing it to catch the breeze as you walk. Walking like you did as a child with a magic cape that allowed you to be anything. “Stepping Out” is about a release from the cage that entraps you.

  • “She Emerges” is about finding yourself, your one of a kindness, your uniqueness your own originality. “She Emerges” is about the song you sing as a person, and how you sing that song.

  • “Falling Waters and Rolling Stones” is about the peace one finds with a water falling, it’s sounds, its clarity, it’s reflections against the rolling colorful stones beneath the waters.

Christine Alfery

I have never been able to color within the lines, am not a fan of coloring books, never make chocolate chip cookies the same way twice, so it makes sense that I have a hard time following rules when it comes to making art. Rules have function. They establish a foundation from which an artist can expand, experiment and explore ideas in the pursuit of creativity, discovery and art. If creativity and discovery are what art is, and I believe they are then art need to fall outside of established foundations, lines, rules and boundaries.