Barbara Bilotta

I consider myself an Abstract Expressionist. There is an elemental strength in my images that grounds them, setting up a contrast with the dynamic use of colors and shapes. My goal is to transform the natural order into a suggestive interpretation to stimulate the imagination. Much of my interpretation is rooted in my color palette. I love everything that is brilliant and incredible and I attempt to incorporate it into my work. This transmits itself through the bright blues, glowing yellows and intense reds that often punctuate my images, drawing the viewer’s eye into the patterns I create. I also use a whole range of subtler shades, rendering soft fields of pastel color that fade into white, or areas of rich browns and blacks. One of my goals is to bring out a beautiful interplay of light and shadows, and is it is this which gives my images a palpable sense of physicality, even at their most abstract. The surface of my paintings is also the result of an intriguing contrast. I work mostly in acrylics glazed with resin, and the acrylic’s softness and the resin’s hardness combine to create a “charged atmospheric space” in which the viewer is made to feel the movement of the paint.