Rick Friedman is launching a new art fair. The former producer of Art Hamptons unveils his first art fair since selling his art fair empire in 2015 which included Art Hamptons and art fairs in Aspen, Palm Springs and Houston. Produced through the Hamptons Expo Group of Southampton, NY, Friedman sold the fairs in 2015 to Urban Expositions who presented Art Hamptons for one year and then closed it.

Since then, Friedman has produced design and jewelry fairs in The Hamptons but has stayed away from fine art. In April, this changes as Friedman returns to fine art and opens the Philadelphia Fine Art Fair.

Rick Friedman. Courtesy Philadelphia Fine Art Fair.

Rick Friedman. Courtesy Philadelphia Fine Art Fair.

"After producing fairs in the design/décor world ( Hamptons Contemporary Design and décor show) and fine jewelry, ( The Jewelry Show), I decided I really enjoy and can relate better to the art world," Friedman wrote in an email.

"As a major art collector, who is now lending my collection to various museum shows, I just feel this was more compatible with my interest and sensibility. Plus, many art dealers have repeatedly asked me for make a repeat performance."

Previewing on April 4, 2019, the Philadelphia Fine Art Fair will be held April 5 - 7, 2019 at The 23rd Street City Troop Armory in Philadelphia. Focusing on contemporary art, the fair presents around 34 art galleries with the lion's share from Philadelphia, New York and The Hamptons. Galleries also hail from Toronto, Berlin, Pasadena, Santa Fe, Coral Gables, Lake Worth, Provincetown and other locations. Click here for the exhibitor list.

The burning question for many connected to The Hamptons is whether Friedman plans to produce a new art fair for the East End. Now that he's re-entered the art fair game, whether he intends to stay the course with jewelry or design fairs are also questions worthy of asking. Shying away from a definite answer, Friedman offered this response instead.

"I have no plans for a 2019 Hamptons Jewelry Show, although we had robust 90 dealers, and rating from attendees were very high with 2018 edition," Friedman wrote in an email. "As an entrepreneurial producer, I am evaluating opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. As they say in the UK, 'watch this space'."


The scene at Art Hamptons Preview on July 2, 2014. Photo by Adriel Reboh. Courtesy Art Hamptons.



BASIC FACTS: The Philadelphia Fine Art Fair takes place April 5 - 7, 2019 at The 23rd Street City Troop Armory. A sold out VIP Preview will be held Thursday, April 4, 2019 from 6 to 10 p.m. A Day Pass to the fair is $25. www.philfineartfair.com.


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