Love is Blind

by Kat O'Neill

Photography-archival pigment print on metal, Ltd Ed 1/10.

"Love is Blind" by Kat O'Neill. Photography-archival pigment print on metal, Ltd Ed 1/10, 40 x 60 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

"Love is Blind" by Kat O'Neill. Photography-archival pigment print on metal, Ltd Ed 1/10, 40 x 60 inches. Courtesy of the artist.


Photographer and mixed media artist Kat O'Neill transforms remnants of life spotted in public places into personal compositions driven by narrative. Whether incorporating street art discovered on walls in cities, gravestones in historic places or lapping waves dappled by sunlight, the images she makes are distinctly her own.

Love is Blind is a favorite of O'Neill, she wrote. Made as part of her "West Portfolio" Series that combines concrete, urban life, graffiti and beauty, the image incorporates a street art mural with life itself by incorporating a passerby with cars parked in the street to create a rich composition with an intriguing imaginary story.

Photographed in New York City in 2016, the couple in the mural seem to resemble Harvey Keitel and Imelda Marco, O'Neill wrote. However, it was her own imagination that helped make this photograph a winner.

"The couple looks a bit like Harvey Keitel and Imelda Marcos in Yoko Ono’s shades but in my narrative, they're a Cuban couple who, at a young age, found true love and, though now she can no longer see, never lost it. Add in the young guy who walks on by, becoming one with the art, despite his indifference."

"What also adds to the piece is the peeling of his face that represents the decay of the human body and the ephemeral essence of street art," O'Neill continued. "I also love how the two parked cars also become part of the art, serving as extensions of the two figures in dimensions, positioning and color."

Kat O'Neill is a photographer and mixed media artist whose work frequently incorporates photography as a major element. Her art can be viewed on her website by visiting Find her at The White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY where she is a co-director. Contact her about her art by emailing [email protected].

Kat O'Neill is also a member of Hamptons Art Hub's Artist Directory. Click here to see a selection of her work and discover the latest news.


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