Keyes Art Returns to a New Location in East Hampton and Opens Season with "Hello," an exhibition celebrating the work of Renowned Artists including Willem de Kooning & Larry Rivers

Keyes Art is pleased to announce its return at a new location, 53 The Circle on Main Street in East Hampton, NY. We open the season with a must-see show, “Hello,” which celebrates the works of several of our highly acclaimed gallery artists, including Bert Stern, Bill Claps, Nathan Slate Joseph, Darius Yektai, Ned Smyth, April Gornik, Larry Rivers, John Chamberlain, Larry Rivers and Willem de Kooning.

This richly diverse exhibit is steeped in the history of the Hamptons art scene with such legendary artists as Larry Rivers, one of the founding fathers of pop art, Willem de Kooning, one of the pioneers of abstract expressionism, Bert Stern, the iconic photographer, and John Chamberlain, the famous “crushed car sculptor.” The exhibit also features some of the brightest luminaries in today's contemporary art circles including Bill Claps, Nathan Slate Joseph, Darius Yektai, Ned Smyth and April Gornik.

“Hello” will run from May 19 to June 2, 2018. Gallery Hours are 10 am to 6 pm daily. For information, call 917-319-8201 or visit our website at


"Untitled" by Larry Rivers. Wood Cutout, wood, oil paint, 46 x 38 x 4 inches. Courtesy of Keyes Art.


"Blue Silence" by Nathan Slate Joseph, 2006. Pure pigment, steel, 78 x 48 x 2 inches. Courtesy of Keyes Art.


About Keyes Art

Keyes Art showcases the works of both emerging and celebrated artists in two vibrant galleries: Julie Keyes Gallery in East Hampton, N.Y., and The International Club in Wellington, FL. Additionally, Keyes Art has run art programs on the Upper East Side of New York City, and in a pop-up gallery in Palm Springs, CA. Our galleries have presented shows such as “Late Night Conversations,” featuring the legendary artists Larry Rivers and Nathan Slate Joseph, and “Bert Stern’s Creation of Lolita in Sag Harbor,” with the iconic photographer, Bert Stern.

Many other highly regarded artists have shown at the Keyes galleries, including Hilary Knight, John Chamberlain, April Gornik, Elaine de Kooning, Bill Claps, Darius Yektai, Dan Rizzie and more. Julie Keyes, the owner of the galleries, also has a keen eye for new talent, and has discovered such rising artists as Evan Sebastian Lagache, along with many others.


"Lady," Untitled Lady Series by Tammi Smith, 2016. Mixed media on paper, 20 x 18 inches. Courtesy of Keyes Art.


"Dog," Untitled Dog Series by Tammi Smith, 2016. Mixed Media on paper, 18 x 14 inches. Courtesy of Keyes Art.


A veteran curator, Keyes is also an art dealer, art consultant and artist. After obtaining a Masters in Fine Arts at The Museum School in Boston, Keyes created an extensive body of hand-painted ceramic art, with the bold colors that are her trademark. Her work has been exhibited in solo shows in the American Craft Museum and the American Folk Art Museum, and sold in Henri Bendel, New York, and Harrods of London.

Keyes' art is also held in corporate and private collections around the world, including the White House. As a passionate advocate of the arts, Keyes has also played vital roles in several art fairs, including Art Basel and Art Southampton; and city festivals such as the Carnegie Hall City Wide Festivals, the Gettysburg Festival, and festivals in Central America, South Africa and China. She coordinated a Viennese Art Walk in New York as part of Carnegie Hall’s Vienna City of Dreams Festival, organizing four New York galleries to display works indicative of Vienna’s contemporary visual arts scene.

Keyes has also elevated the caliber of many hotels throughout the world with an inspiring program of noteworthy artists and sculptors. A native of New Haven, CT throughout the world with an inspiring program of noteworthy artists and sculptors. A native of New Haven, CT, Keyes now lives in the Hamptons. For more information, call 917-319-8201 or visit our website at

Upcoming Summer Shows

Upcoming shows this summer will feature the art of Ray Johnson, Scott Colvert, who creates abstract art from gravestone rubbings, new works by Bert Stern arriving from Berlin, and Lou Beres Vintage Advertising Drawings from the '40s that have never been publically exhibited before and Nathan Joseph Slate, who exhibits internationally and whose work was the subject of a documentary film by Lana Jokel.


Keyes Art can be found at 53 The Circle on Main Street, East Hampton, NY. The gallery is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. For information, call 917-319-8201 or visit our website at


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