This March, New York City museums will offer a wide range of retrospectives, featuring survey shows of feminist artists, installations looking at the complexities of interiors, shows highlighting the creative process of a groundbreaking musician, and a look back at the past 700 years of sculpture. Continue reading for our favorite shows opening in NYC museums in March.

Whitney Museum of American Art: “Zoe Leonard: Survey”

March 2 through June 10, 2018

Whitney Museum of American Art will present “Zoe Leonard: Survey,” the first large-scale overview of the New York-based artist’s work in an American museum.

Showing work from the past three decades, the exhibition will highlight the photography, sculpture and installations of Zoe Leonard, whose work asks viewers to re-engage with how they see. The artist’s work, which slowly and reflectively calibrates vision and form, features lyrical observations of daily life while simultaneously questioning politics and the conditions of image making and display. Throughout her career, Leonard has worked with themes such as the history of photography, gender and sexuality, loss and mourning, migration, displacement and the urban landscape. Using repetition, subtle changes of perspective and shifts of scale, Leonard’s work reveals the range of meanings behind otherwise familiar images or objects.

The Whitney Museum of American Art is located at 99 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014. www,

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"TV Wheelbarrow" by Zoe Leonard, 2001. Dye transfer print, 20 × 16 inches. Collection of the New York Public Library; Funds from the Estate of Leroy A. Moses, 2005.


Brooklyn Museum: “David Bowie is”

March 2 through July 15, 2018

The Brooklyn Museum will present “David Bowie Is,” an exhibition curated by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London that has been touring internationally for the past five years and will be showing for the final time in Brooklyn.

The exhibition, which tracks the late David Bowie’s creative process from his teenage years in England through his last 20 years in New York City, was created with unprecedented access to Bowie’s personal archive. With more than 400 objects on view, the exhibition includes original costumes, handwritten lyrics sheets, original album art, photographs, videos and paintings by David Bowie. An immersive experience, the exhibition will include continuous audio along with projected animation and video to show how Bowie was an innovative artist who revolutionized the way we experience music and inspired people to shape their own identities while challenging social traditions.

The Brooklyn Museum is located at 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

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The Met Fifth Avenue: “Ranjani Shettar: Seven ponds and a few raindrops

March 12 through August 12, 2018

The Met Fifth Avenue will present “Ranjani Shettar: Seven ponds and a few raindrops.”

Indian sculptor Ranjani Shettar’s Seven ponds and a few raindrops (2017) continues the artist’s exploration of work inspired by the now-threatened natural environs of rural India. Featuring non-representational and immersive environments, Shettar’s work combines natural and industrial materials including beeswax, wood, organic dyes, vegetal pastes, lacquer, steel and cloth.  With her latest work, Shettar turned molded pieces of stainless steel into a series of sensual, curved, amoebic and shape-shifting elements. Covered in tamarind-stained muslin, the work is suspended from the ceiling, defying gravity and casting a series of mesmerizing shadows that give the space the appearance, from a distance, of a surreal, hidden-away oasis.

The Met Fifth Avenue is located at 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028.

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The Jewish Museum: “Marc Camille Chaimowicz: Your Place or Mine …”

March 16 through August 5, 2018

The Jewish Museum will present “Marc Camille Chaimowicz: Your Place or Mine …,” the artist’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States.

Showcasing work from the artist’s nearly 50-year career, the exhibition will show the cross-disciplinary work of Marc Camille Chaimowicz in painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, furniture, lighting ceramics, textiles and wallpaper. Chaimowicz’s work embraces the fine and applied arts while challenging categorical divisions between masculine and feminine, public and private, and past and present. Born to a Polish father who was a Jew and French mother who was a Catholic in postwar Paris, Chaimowicz moved to England as a child and is currently based there. His multicultural upbringing reverberates throughout his pluralistic practice, with titles of work displayed in French, his interior and first language which he connects to creativity. The “Your Place or Mine …” title suggests an intersection where the artist’s efforts to reveal his interior world can enable viewers to reimagine their own.

The Jewish Museum is located at 1109 5th Ave & E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128.

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The Met Breuer: “Like Life: Sculpture, Color, and the Body (1300-Now)”

March 21 through July 22, 2018

The Met Breuer will present “Like Life: Sculpture, Color, and the Body (1300-Now),” showcasing 700 years of sculptural practice.

Drawing on the Met’s collection of European sculpture and modern and contemporary art with a selection of important works from national and international museums and private collections, the exhibition will examine sculpture from 14th century Europe to the global present. With 120 works on display, the exhibition juxtaposes masterpieces with little-seen works to explore the narratives of sculpture in which artists have sought to replicate the living presence of the human body.

The works on view reflect the different approaches to realism deployed by artists, such as the application of color to imitate skin or flesh, using casts from real bodies, dressing sculptures in clothing, creating moveable limbs and automated bodies, or incorporating human blood, hair, teeth and bones. Highlighting the continuing anxieties and pleasures of the three-dimensional simulation of the human body, the works can unsettle and disarm observers, while forcing them to consider how they see themselves and others. The exhibition will feature work by, among others, Donatello, Auguste Rodin, Antonio Canova, Louise Bourgeois, Meret Oppenheim, Charles Ray, Jeff Koons and more alongside wax effigies, reliquaries, mannequins and anatomical models.

The Met Breuer is located at 945 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10021.

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Museum of Arts and Design: “Surface/Depth: The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro”

March 22 through September 2, 2018

The Museum of Arts and Design will present “Surface/Depth: the Decorative After Miriam Schapiro,” showcasing the late artist’s work and influence.

Miriam Schapiro (1923-2015), a pioneering feminist artist and founding member of the Pattern and Decoration movement, is best known for her “femmages,” her distinctive hybrid of painting and collage. Inspired by women’s domestic arts and crafts, her femmages highlight the personal and political while critiquing the hierarchy of art and craft through a feminist lens. The exhibition will explore the aesthetic and political objectives of her femmages, while highlighting her work in the art world to include marginalized forms of craft, decoration and abstract patterning associated with femininity and women’s work.

The exhibition will show 29 works by Schapiro alongside works by contemporary artists such as Sanford Biggers, Jodie Mack and Ruth Root to show Schapiro’s influence while highlighting artists today who create work that links the personal to the political. A selection of Schapiro’s own source material from her estate—including folk art, fabric swatches and embroidery and other historic needlework—will be on display.

MAD Museum is located at 2 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019.

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MoMA: “Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Intuitions, 1965-2016”

March 31 through July 22, 2018

MoMA will present “Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Intuitions, 1965-2016,” the most comprehensive retrospective of the artist’s work to date.

Adrian Piper, an artist and philosopher, has been exploring conceptual art since the 1960s, creating works in which the concepts behind the art take precedence over the physical object. Challenging the viewer’s assumptions about the world, Piper’s work draws from personal and professional experiences and directly addresses gender, race, xenophobia, social engagement and self-transcendence. With 290 works on display, the exhibition will feature drawings, paintings, photographs, multimedia installations, videos and performances.

Viewers will be able to see pieces ranging from her early paintings inspired by the use of LSD to later works such as her “What It’s Like What It Is #3” (1991), a large scale mixed media installation addressing racist stereotypes. The exhibition, which is the result of a four-year collaboration between the artist, MoMA and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, provides a rare opportunity to see Piper’s provocative and wide-ranging work.

MoMA is located at 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019.

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"LSD Self-Portrait from the Inside Out" by Adrian Piper, 1966. Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 inches. Emi Fontana Collection. © Adrian Piper Research Archive Foundation Berlin. Photography by Boris Kirpotin.



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