The White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton Presents:

"Hidden Desires" by Ann Brandeis & "Horse Show" by June Kaplan

October 26 - November 12, 2017

Opening Reception - Saturday October 28 5 to 7 p.m.

Live Music by John Virag

Also on view is a Group Show featuring works by Anna Fenimore, Alyssa Peek, Zoe Breen, Kevin Bishop, Asia Lee, Melissa Hin & Kat O’Neill.


Artwork by Ann Brandeis. Courtesy of The White Room Gallery.


Ann Brandeis

With an MFA from Pratt Institute and teaching positions at Rochester Institute of Technology, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, and Manhattan Marymount College, Ms. Brandeis has travelled the world, seeking images to incorporate into her visual thoughts and dialogues.


Artwork by Ann Brandeis. Courtesy of The White Room Gallery.


Along with a book she authored, Color Processing and Printing for Prentice Hall, numerous accomplishments and awards validate her expertise, including multiple IPA, Luci awards, PX3 Prix de la Photographie, WPGA Awards, Society for Education Juror’s Award, upon which selected works were exhibited at the Center for Fine Art Photography.

Brandeis was chosen by the guest curator as Best Narrative image at Guild Hall 2012.  You will find her work in ‘The Best Photographers, 2013 and 2015 , 2017, produced by Graphis Publications. Her work has traveled to multiple national and international exhibitions.   Concerned with the maintaining archival quality and print longevity she personally prints on uncoated all rag Exhibition Paper, or handmade Japanese Kozo Paper.


Artwork by Ann Brandeis. Courtesy of The White Room Gallery.


Artist's Statement

This work is part of the ongoing series The Landscape of Memory.

By combining both realism with the many techniques favored by the surrealists, including the alteration of space, perspective, tonality, focus, manipulation, the content of the image is then open to the viewer's personal interpretation.   Memories are visceral, they are not dependent upon a strict visualization of an event or a scene recreation. Rather, they often surface, sometimes unexpectedly, triggered by visual clues, sounds, smells, which serve to remind us of an experience, a feeling or component of life.

This manipulation of visual space, is defined with the intent of creating a sense of unreality, to provoke the viewer to perceive these altered perspectives of life differently.   Within the picture plane anything is possible. It becomes like a window; and in our minds, to see briefly or reflect upon.


Artwork by June Kaplan. Courtesy of The White Room Gallery.


June Kaplan

Artist Statement

i paint horses for love, for the love of a

friend who lives in the South. It is this

labor of love that i find i out do myself.

in going beyond my preconceived

notions i have created a body of work

that hangs together so to speak.

it is harrowing at times, i have lost many

good pieces in the process-yet with each

journey i learn to allow myself to

leave the studio let the

image dry to wait for another time, have  coffee, get into HG or

start a new canvas.

the one idea i wish to express is i believe

with no uncertain terms, that when i ask for help from The Gods i undoubtedly

receive divine intervention to create to

the best of my ability good works.


Artwork by June Kaplan. Courtesy of The White Room Gallery.


Artwork by June Kaplan. Courtesy of The White Room Gallery.



BASIC FACTS: "Hidden Desires" by Ann Brandeis & "Horse Show" by June Kaplan are on view from October 26 - November 12, 2017. An Opening Reception takes place on Saturday, October 28 from 5 to 7 p.m.

New Hours: Open Thursday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The White Room Gallery is located at 2415 Main St, Bridgehampton, NY, 11932.


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