“Fragments / Strangely Familiar” at Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art in New York City presents art that evokes memory. Featuring collages by Janice Stanton and small paintings by Lisbeth McCoy, the art on view visually explores a sense of place and a remembrance of time spent during daily life.

The exhibition features a series of nine collages by Stanton that are inspired by poems by Emily Dickinson that were published after her death and discovered scribbled on envelopes and scraps of paper. Stanton’s work incorporates this detail by collaging photographs of Dickinson’s papers with handwritten passages by either the artist or the poet herself. The result are delicate works that seem to speak to the creative process itself as well as the fragility of life and art. Through the art, life that inspires poetry is transformed into the visual.

Lisbeth McCoy’s paintings combine memories of places intimately known through color, line and gesture. The mixed media paintings in the series on view conjures natural forms and the sense of a landscape although the location, while vague familiar, remains unnamable. Through the series, McCoy explores the ways personal identity is formed through places lived, either by choice or by accident, according to the gallery. Through the subtle and minimal art, memory and nostalgia seem to combine in ways that a comforting familiarity.

“Fragments / Strangely Familiar” opens June 22 and remains on view through July 28, 2017.

Janice Stanton has exhibited at Art Students League and Katherine Markel Fine Art  in New York and at Guild Hall Museum, White Room Gallery and more in The Hamptons. Her work is held in numerous private collections. She is based in The Hamptons and New York City.

Lisbeth McCoy has exhibited at Jason McCoy Gallery and New York Academy of Art in New York, among others. Her work is held in numerous private collections in the United States and Europe. She is based in New York City.


"Fragments 7" by Janice Stanton. Collage, 8 x 8 inches. Courtesy of Anders Walstedt.


"Narsaq" by Lisbeth McCoy, 2017. Wax and plaster mounted on maple board, 7 1/2 x 16 inches. Courtesy of Anders Walstedt.



BASIC FACTS: "Fragments / Strangely Familiar" remains on view through July 28, 2017. Anders Walstedt Fine Art is located at 40 East 63rd Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10065. www.wahlstedtart.com.


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