The winners for Hamptons Art Hub's "In Motion" competition have been selected! The competition for the art works included in our curated online exhibition continues. On Saturday morning, the winners (and their art works) will be unveiled and the "In Motion" exhibition will be revealed.

Stay tuned...

04/29/17 UPDATE: The Winners have been announced and Online Exhibition is now live.

Click here to discover the Art Winners for the "In Motion" Art Competition

Click here to view the "In Motion" Online Exhibition.


BASIC FACTS: Hamptons Art Hub issued a call for art that interpreted the theme "In Motion." Submissions were received both nationally and internationally. Gallerist Cheryl Hazan of Cheryl Hazan Gallery in Tribeca is the judge. The results of the art competition and an online exhibition curated from the submitted works will be unveiled on Saturday, April 29, 2017.


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