Clear your cache and get ready for a surprise--Hamptons Art Hub has unveiled a new look for its online publication and website. Designed to make browsing and finding stories of interest easy, expect to find featured stories highlighted on our Home Page in a new oversized image field. The latest stories published by Hamptons Art Hub follow close behind so it's quick to catch up between visits.




Another significant change is the addition of story labels to search by reviews, news, exhibitions, social stories, artist profiles, columns and more. To discover the options, view our new Navigation Bar and Quick Links or click on any orange label to get started.


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Another big change is the ability to search by geography to discover art scenes in The Hamptons, The East End and New York City plus highlights in South Florida and the New York Region. The Hamptons art scene doesn't remain locked on the East End and its contributions to the contemporary art scene are always of special interest to our site and publication. To reflect this, we've added the ability to search by regions that aren't part of our typical coverage areas. Revealing what's important in the contemporary art scene continues to be of interest to Hamptons Art Hub. Keep your eyes peeled to read what we discover.


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Visiting and exploring our site is a great way to discover what Hamptons Art Hub has to offer. Subscribing to our newsletter is another important way to keep in the know.

What hasn't changed is our "Happening Now" Section located near the top of our Home Page featuring events, exhibition openings and breaking news. Our Gallery Guide and Exhibition Finder can still be found through links on our Home Page and Side Bar. Now, they also can be found in our Navigation Bar by clicking Art Guides. Our Directory Listings are also located there as well as in a new highlighted area on our Home Page.

The website design changes reflect our continuing commitment to presenting an intimate look at the thriving art colony that is The Hamptons and the East End of Long Island, along with its connections to the greater art world whether historic, by lifestyle or influence. The design also signifies our close ties to New York City and an increase of art coverage there.

Communities that are strong on art making matter. It's our privilege to be able to reveal some of the art and the artists who make contemporary art colonies places where art begins and the roles they play in the art world at large.

-Pat Rogers, publisher of Hamptons Art Hub.


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