MoMA PS1 announced the artist list for the fourth edition of “Greater New York,” a show devoted to artists living and working in New York City. The exhibition opens October 11, 2015 in the New York City art museum and continues through March 7, 2016. For the first time, the exhibition brings together emerging with established artists. “Greater New York” occupies MoMA PS1’s entire building and features over 400 art works by 157 artists, including film and performance.

The survey was curated by Peter Eleey, MoMA PS1 Curator and Associate Director of Exhibitions and Programs, with art historian Douglas Crimp and Thomas J. Lax, MoMA associate curator of media and performance; and Mia Locks, assistant curator at MoMA PS1.

Traditionally, the "Greater New York" exhibition has been devoted to showcasing emerging artists living in the New York metropolitan area. Held every five years, this year’s edition was changed in reaction to changes in the art world coupled with a rising nostalgia for the NYC art community and experimentation of the ‘70s and ‘80s—a new longing not present when the show originated in 2000, explained the museum.


"Dressing Room" by Amy Brener, 2015. Urethane foam and resin, gypsum, pigment, found objects 90 × 78 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

"Dressing Room" by Amy Brener, 2015. Urethane foam and resin, gypsum, pigment, found objects
90 × 78 inches. Courtesy of the artist.


"With the rise of a robust commercial art market and the proliferation of art fairs, opportunities for younger artists in the city have grown alongside a burgeoning interest in artists who may have been overlooked in the art histories of their time," stated PS1 in its exhibition announcement.

"Concurrently, the city itself is being reshaped by a voracious real estate market that poses particular challenges to local artists…Against this backdrop, Greater New York departs from the show’s traditional focus on youth, instead examining points of connection and tension between our desire for the new and nostalgia for that which it displaces."

If you’re looking for a Hamptons connection, you will find one. Mel Bochner, who lives in New York City with a part time residence in the Hamptons, was selected. Kiki Smith, who was recently honored by LongHouse Reserve and exhibited her work there this summer, is also among the artists selected.

Following is the full list of participating artists in “Greater New York”:

Charlie Ahearn (b. 1951); John Ahearn (b. 1951); Chantal Akerman (b. 1950); Sam Anderson (b. 1982); Richard Artschwager (1923-2013); Robert Ashley (1930-2014); Charles Atlas (b. 1949); Lutz Bacher (born in the USA); Fia Backström (b. 1970); Alvin Baltrop (1948-2004); Rina Banerjee (b. 1963); Morgan Bassichis (b. 1983); Kevin Beasley (b. 1985); Gina Beavers (b. 1974); Gelsey Bell (b. 1982); Michael Bell-Smith (b. 1978); Sadie Benning (b. 1973); Huma Bhabha (b. 1962) and Dara Birnbaum (b. 1946).

Mel Bochner (b. 1940) and Robert Moskowitz (b. 1935); Lizzie Borden (b. 1958); Robert Bordo (b. 1949); Gregg Bordowitz (b. 1964); Liene Bosquê (b. 1980); Amy Brener (b. 1982); Ben Thorp Brown (b. 1983); Rudy Burckhardt (1914-1999); Harry Burke (b. 1990); Scott Burton (1939-1989); Abigail Child (b. 1948); Susan Cianciolo (b. 1969); Shirley Clarke (1919-1997); Todd Colby (b. 1962); Roy Colmer (1935-2014); Sara Cwynar (b. 1985); Mira Dancy (b. 1979); Jaime Davidovich (b. 1936); Jimmy DeSana (1950-1990) and Vivienne Dick (b. 1950).

Andrew Durbin (b. 1989); Diego Echeverría (b. 1946); Terry Fox (1958-1981); Su Friedrich (b. 1954), Eckhaus Latta (founded 2011), Mary Beth Edelson (b. 1933); Gregory Edwards (b. 1981); Joy Episalla (b. 1960); Loretta Fahrenholz (b. 1981); Ben Fama (b.1982); fierce pussy (founded 1991); John Finneran (b. 1979); Henry Flynt (b. 1940); Jeffrey Gibson (b. 1972); John Giorno (b. 1936); Ignacio González-Lang (b. 1975); William Greaves (1926-2014); Jonah Groeneboer (b. 1978); Red Grooms (b. 1937); David Grubbs (b. 1967) and David Hammons (b. 1943).

Fanny Howe (b. 1940); Katherine Hubbard (b. 1981); Peter Hutton (b. 1944); Elizabeth Jaeger (b. 1988), Ken Jacobs (b. 1933); Paolo Javier (b. 1974); Joan Jonas (b. 1936); Jamian Juliano-Villani (b. 1987); Angie Keefer (b. 1977); Devin Kenny (b. 1987); Eli Keszler (b. 1983); Christine Sun Kim (b. 1980); KIOSK (founded 2005); Manfred Kirchheimer (b. 1931); Ajay Kurian (b. 1984); Robert Kushner (b. 1949); M. Lamar (b. 1984); Louise Lawler (b. 1947); Deana Lawson (b. 1979); Sophia Le Fraga (b. 1990) and Barry Le Va (b. 1941).

Okkyung Lee (b. 1975); Simone Leigh (b. 1968); Zoe Leonard (b. 1961) and Nancy Brooks Brody (b. 1962); Glenn Ligon (b. 1960); Tan Lin (b. 1957); Eric Mack (b. 1987); Tony Matelli (b. 1971); Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978); Lionel Maunz (b. 1976); Park McArthur (b. 1984); Adam McEwen (b. 1965); Marie Menken (1909-1970); Wardell Milan (b. 1978); Ieva Misevičiūtė (b. 1982); Rashaun Mitchell (b. 1978) and Silas Riener (b. 1983).

Yoshiaki Mochizuki (b. 1961); Donald Moffett (b. 1955); James Nares (b. 1953); Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts - New York (founded 2011), Raul de Nieves (b. 1983); Véréna Paravel (b. 1971) and J.P. Sniadecki (b. 1979); Morgan Parker (b. 1987); Rebecca Patek (b. 1980); Sondra Perry (b. 1986); Pharmakon (b. 1990); Howardena Pindell (b. 1943); Seth Price (b. 1973); Yvonne Rainer (b. 1934); Will Rawls (b. 1978) and Nick Relph (b. 1979).

Joyce Robins (b. 1944); Bunny Rogers (b. 1990); Ugo Rondinone (b. 1964); Cameron Rowland (b. 1988); Jen Rosenblit (b. 1983); Peter Saul (b. 1934); Collier Schorr (b. 1963); Nancy Shaver (b. 1946); Judith Shea (b. 1948); Gedi Sibony (b. 1973); Hayley Silverman (b. 1986); Charles Simonds (b. 1970); Lorna Simpson (b. 1960); Rosalind Fox Solomon (b. 1930); Jack Smith (1932-1989); Kiki Smith (b. 1954) and Greg Parma Smith (b. 1983).

Slow and Steady Wins the Race (founded 2001); Nelson Sullivan (1948-1989); Sergei Tcherepnin (b. 1981); Third World Newsreel (founded 1967); Stewart Uoo (b. 1985); Stefanie Victor (b. 1982); William Villalongo (b. 1975); Keith Fullerton Whitman (b. 1973); Sue Williams (b. 1954); Lebbeus Woods (1940-2012); Nathan Donavon Wooley (b. 1974); Geo Wyeth (b. 1984); Carrie Yamaoka (b. 1957); C. Spencer Yeh (b. 1975);


BASIC FACTS: "Greater New York" opens October 11, 2015 and remains on view through March 7, 2016 at MoMA's PS1, 22-25 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101. The museum is open Thursdays through Mondays from noon to 6 p.m.


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