The Hamptons International Film Festival is known for its stellar line up of films presented in Hamptons theaters each year over Columbus Day Weekend. What may be easy to overlook is HIFF's connection to the visual arts and artists of The Hamptons. Each year, HIFF commissions an artist to design its poster with the intersection of art and film as muse. This year, David Salle has the honors.

The poster created by David Salle has the same cinematic tension as his paintings and fine art. Dramatic and drenched with implied narrative, the poster is a black and white image with the signature red of the Hamptons International Film Festival branding. Salle previously made a poster for HIFF in 1996.


Artwork by David Salle. 2015 HIFF Poster.

Artwork by David Salle. 2015 HIFF Poster.


Contributing artists to the growing list of HIFF poster are selected by Michael Lynne, co-founder of New Line Cinema and production company Unique Features. Lynne has also been a HIFF Board Member for the past 19 years.

“It is always a special pleasure for me to marry my interest in film with my interest in contemporary art each year as such wonderful artists create remarkably compelling images for the Hamptons Film Festival poster,” said Lynne.

Previous artists have included Cindy Sherman, Donald Sultan, Julian Schnabel, Barbara Kruger, Dan Rizzie, Jim Gingerich, Billy Sullivan, Cecily Brown, Eric Fischl, Bruce Weber and April Gornik. In 2012, the posters were the subject of a retrospective presented by Peter Marcelle. All of the artists live  in The Hamptons either part-time or full-time.

To see posters from previous years, view our slideshow:

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BASIC FACTS: The Hamptons International Film Festival takes place from October 8 to 12, 2015. Visit for a film schedule and information.

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