Shelter Island is always a bit of a mystery. Sequestered between the South Fork and North Fork, life there seems bucolic with an easy pace set besides blue waters, casual grounds and relaxed restaurants and eateries. A short ferry ride away from both shores, Shelter Island may just provide the perfect respite from a hectic East End summer.

In August, some of the artists who make their homes there will open their studios for the Sixth Annual Artists of Shelter Island (ARTSI) Open Studio Event. Studios will be open for a self-guided (and free) tour on Saturday, August 15, and Sunday, August 16, from noon to 5 p.m. on each day.


Janet Culbertson in her studio.

Janet Culbertson in her studio. Photo by Jackie Black.


The tour features 15 artists presenting contemporary painting, photography, ceramics, textile designs, mixed media works, drawing and more. The artists on the tour are Janet Culbertson, Roz Dimon, Katherine Hammond, Megan Hergrueter, Emily Rose Larsen, Liss Larsen, Diana Malcolmson, Bob Markell, Olive Reich, Joe Reilly, Susan Schrott, June Shakten, Jana Sheinker, Peter Waldner and Mike Zisser.


Diana Malcolmson in her studio.

Diana Malcolmson in her studio.


Information on ARTSI, the studio tour and all 25 artist members of ARTSI can be found by visiting A downloadable map can also be found in the website.

In the meantime, ARTSI has put together a sneak peak at some of the art presented on the Open Studio Event and the artists visitors can expect to discover. Unfolding over the next few weeks, the series will reveal the artists on the ARTSI Open Studio Event, the type of work they make, where their art is collected and what matters most about the art.

ARTSI is a Shelter Island based community of professional artists who work together on various cultural events and exhibitions. The Open Studio Event takes place on August 15 and 16 from noon to 5 p.m. on Shelter Island.

The first segment of the ARTSI Artist Profile Series features Janet Culbertson, Roz Dimon and Katherine Hammond.


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