Music is never far from Margaret Garrett's life. Her husband, Bruce Wolosoff, is a composer and pianist. Their daughters, Juliet and Katya, grew up playing instruments and writing songs. But music was a constant presence for Margaret Garrett even before her present life could have been imagined--she was a professional dancer who traveled the world during her youth and early adulthood.

When Margaret Garrett put away her dance shoes and picked up her paint brushes, music and its manifestation into the physical made their way through her heart, into her hands and onto her canvases. In recent years, her paintings have a close connection to dance and uninhibited movement. Making the work is meditative for Garrett but pure energy bursts from her art for viewers to feel for themselves.

Margaret Garrett's Tuning Fields series has been ongoing since 2008. Paintings on paper or canvas are infused by mark making that feels like a furious rain of color. Guild Hall recently acquired a painting from this series (Tuning Fields 300, 2013) for its permanent collection. Another series are black and white works only and are directly inspired by dance. Garrett's latest series, Choros, take her painting series as leaping points: expect to find an evolution of both color and movement with an emphasis on forms.

Margaret Garrett's art is represented by Birnam Wood Galleries (East Hampton, N.Y. and New York City). Her work has been exhibited at both their galleries and at Guild Hall, the Heckscher Art Museum, Danese/Corey and more. This week, her work is exhibited at the new Art on Paper art fair with Birnam Wood Galleries (March 5 - 8, 2015). Margaret Garrett lives and works on Shelter Island, N.Y.

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“Black and White 8” by Margaret Garrett, 2013. Acrylic on paper, 22 x 30 inches.

“Black and White 8” by Margaret Garrett, 2013. Acrylic on paper, 22 x 30 inches.


BASIC FACTS: Margaret Garrett lives and paints on Shelter Island. 

Art on Paper takes place from March 5 to 8 2015 at Pier 26, New York, NY 10013. Find her work at Birnam Wood Galleries in Booth #215.


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