A large-scale installation by José Carlos Casado will open for a first look today (Jan. 18, 2014) from 5 to 7 p.m. at Watermill Center. A full presentation on the artist's work and process will be presented on Feb. 1. Casado is one of Watermill Center's current artist-in-residency.

Casado's Sacrifice is a large-scale installation created with 3-D technology. The work features a hanging body and is inspired by violent political events, according to Watermill Center.

"Rendering human skin as an extreme expression—an ecstasy of the body, an explosion of colors and an exaggeration of shapes—the sculpture is a combination of illusion and reality, a violent dance of the mind, and an ironic game with multiple layers of perception," according to the installation press release. "The body is not only violent, it is also erotic."

“In essence, the domain of eroticism is the domain of violence,” said Georges Bataille, according to Watermill Center.


Sacrifice by José Carlos Casado installed at Watermill Center.

"Sacrifice" by José Carlos Casado installed at Watermill Center.


Casado works in video, photography, sculpture, drawing and performance. A MFA graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Casado was born in Spain and has been based in New York City for 15 years.

Casado's work has been exhibited in multiple solo and group shows internationally. His work, Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities--a 16-minute performance with video and dancers--was presented at the 1st Spanish ArtFest in Times Square.

Casado has won numerous recognitions, including Picasso Foundation, LaCaixa Foundation, MIT’s Leonardo Excellence Award and two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships. He’s participated in more than 20 international New Media Festivals, including Sundance Film Festival and ArsElectronica.

BASIC FACTS: Sacrifice by José Carlos Casado will be available for viewing tonight (Jan 18, 2014) from 5 to 7 p.m. at Watermill Center. No reservations are necessary. Admission is free. The artist will give a presentation to discuss Sacrifice, his art in general and his process on Feb. 1.

Watermill Center is located at 39 Watermill Towd Road, Water Mill, NY 11976. www.watermillcenter.org.


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