PARIS--It's no secret that Hamptons-based artists are part of the international art scene. So it should be no surprise there's a Hamptons art connection flowing through this weekend's Paris Photo art fair. Just for fun, the dots have been connected to present a bit of the Hamptons in the renowned Paris photography fair and the City of Lights at large.

Paris Photo is being held from Nov 14 - 17, 2013 at Prand Palais. This year's 17th edition features 136 French and international galleries from 24 countries, including the United States. In addition, the fair includes 28 publishers / booksellers. Paris Photo fair aims to present the best photography from the 19th century through today. Last year's fair drew 54,157 visitors, according to Paris Photo.

Exhibiting galleries in the 2013 edition are centered primarily in France (42 galleries), the United States (28 galleries) and Germany (20 galleries). There are concentrations of exhibiting galleries based in Paris, New York City and London plus Berlin, Vienna. The full line up includes additional galleries based in France, the United States and Germany plus galleries located in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Switzerland, Holland and more.

The photo fair features exhibitors, solo or two-person shows by 18 international photographers, themed exhibitions, book signings and the Paris Photo AGENDA, a new visual platform that presented a selected look at the best of photography exhibited over the past year culled from over 200 galleries and organizations from around the world, according to the photo fair.

Recent acquisitions by the Art Gallery of Ontario (Canada); the Instituto Moreira Salles (Brazil) and Museum Folkwang (Germany) are also on view. The Paris Platform Program offers a series of panel discussions, photographer talks and curator talks throughout the fair.

If you're looking for a bit of the Hamptons or New York City at Paris Photo (or if Paris Photo wasn't on your list and you're curious), here's a cheat sheet of where to the find a bit of home in the City of Lights :

Harper's Books of East Hampton exhibited at Paris Photo. One their highlights was a series of photo albums compiled by soldiers of the Vietnam War as a way to remember some of the carefree times. One album featured the snapshots of Le Minh Troung and his "North Vietnamese Diary."

To read more about the albums and other presented project, click "Vietnam War History - Real and Reimagined Presented by Harper's Books at Paris Photo."


From Le Minh Troung's "North Vietnamese Diary."


East Hampton photographer Mary Ellen Bartley exhibits her photography for the first time at Paris Photo. Yancey Richardson Gallery of New York City (Chelsea) presents works from Bartley's Paperback series. The gallery also exhibited works by Ed Ruscha, Vik Muniz, Alex Prager, Andrew Moore and others.

Closer to home, Bartley's work is included in a group show at The Drawing Room. Presented there are selections from her Sea Change series. In the Hamptons, Bartley has exhibited works at the Parish Art Museum and Guild Hall Museum and has won recognition from both museums for her work.


"Untitled 49" by Mary Ellen Bartley, 2010. From the Paperback series. Exhibited with Yancey Richardson Gallery at Paris Photo.


"Untitled 1" by Mary Ellen Bartley, 2009. From the Paperback series. Exhibited with Yancey Richardson Gallery at Paris Photo.


Cheim & Read presented works by Lynda Benglis  and Andy Warhol. Benglis has lived and worked in East Hampton, at least part-time, since the 80s. Her work was the subject of a solo show at Guild Hall Museum in 1999 immediately followed by a two-person show with Joe Zucker.

At the Parrish, Benglis was included in the 1999 juried exhibit "North Fork / South Fork East End Art Now". Her work is part of the Parrish's permanent collection. Benglis is a gallery artist at Cheim & Read.

At Paris Photo, Cheim & Read also exhibits Andy Warhol (owned a house in Montuak) and works by additional gallery artists including Diane Arbus, William Eggleston, Adam Fuss, Jenny Holzer, McDermott & McGough, Jack Pierson and Man Ray.


INTERIOR 303 Gallery

"One" by Doug Aitken" exhibited at Paris Photo by 303 Gallery (New York City).


303 Gallery, which has ties to Hamptons, is presented works by Doug Aitken, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Rodney Graham, Larry Johnson, Karen Kilimnik, Florian Maier-Aichen, Collier Schorr, Jane and Louise Wilson, and Stephen Shore.

Photographer Peter Beard (Montauk) exhibits works with Michael Hoppen Gallery (London). Chuck Close (former long-term resident of the Hamptons) exhibits works with Pace/MacGill Gallery (New York City). Bob Gruen of East Hampton exhibit works with Harper's Books (East Hampton, NY). Richard Prince (East Hampton) has work exhibited by Irving Zucker Art Books (New York City), Cindy Sherman of Southampton has work exhibited by Gagosian, Koenig & Clinton, Metro Pictures and Jörg Maass Kunsthandel.

While Robert Wilson isn't exhibiting works at Paris Photo, his work has a serious presence in Paris this weekend. Wilson's production of John Cage's "Lecture on Nothing" is presented at the Louvre on Thursday (Nov. 14). On Saturday (Nov 16), Wilson appears in an artist talk at the Arts Arena & Columbia Global Center with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Willem Dafoe. That same day, Wilson's production of “The Old Woman" is presented at Theatre de la Ville.

Wilson curated the Louvre's “living rooms” vernissage. Paris Photo and the exhibition had their Opening Receptions on the same day (Wednesday, Nov. 13).

Today (Nov. 17), Christopher Knowles performs "The Sundance Kid is Beautiful" at the Louvre. The performance was presented at Watermill Center in October.

BASIC FACTS: Paris Photo is held from Nov. 14 - 17, 2013 at Grand Palais.

RELATED: "Vietnam War History - Real and Reimagined Presented by Harper's Books at Paris Photo" by Pat Rogers.

"The Sundance Kid is Beautiful & Other Worth Watching Performances at Watermill Center" by Pat Rogers.


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