"Body of Work X"

Oct 12 - 14, 2013

Ashawagh Hall in Springs

Artist Reception: Saturday, Oct 12 from 5 to 8 p.m.


"Body of Work X" celebrates the 10th exhibition of figurative work made by a long-standing group of artists at Ashawagh Hall over the Columbus Day Weekend. An Artists Reception will be held on Saturday, Oct. 12, from 5 to 8 p.m. Please join us!

"Body of Work X" showcases the artistic activity of long time members of this fluid group of figurative artists, not all who exhibit in every show. Participating in the Columbus Day Weekend show are 10 artists. They are Mary Antczak, Rosalind Brenner, Linda Capello, Michael Cardacino, Ellen Dooley, Anthony Lombardo, Setha Low, Phil Marco, Douglas Reina and Margaret Weissbach. New to the group is Setha Low.

During the time we have shown together, we have bonded as a group creatively, and as individuals working, showing and growing, said Weissbach, a founder of the group. She co-founded the group with Linda Capello after noting that landscape exhibitions and groups were many but figurative groups and shows seemed to be missing from the Hamptons art scene.

The pair invited artists whose work concerned the figure and held the first show in 2009.

"Our first show was in January 2009 and our new show will be the tenth," said Weissbach. "We exhibit the work of ten artists each time but the total group has grown to twenty, and most have remained.  The shows are always exciting because the "figure" means a variety of different things to different people at different times. I also think that this variety helps keep us cohesive as a group and supportive of each other and each other's work.

Scroll down to meet some of the artists and see a sample of their work exhibited in "Body of Work X":


Linda Capello's work is a constant exploration of the human form. Her drawings have been described as "lush and provocative." After a twenty year career as a fashion illustrator, Capello now draws and teaches life drawing in Southampton and East Hampton, NY.


"The Robe" by Linda Capello.



Ph.D. Programs in Anthropology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Environmental Psychology and Womens Studies, Graduate Center, City University of New York.  Director of the Public Space Research Group and the Public Space Working Group.

Deputy-Director of the World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA). Co-chair of the Max Planck Institute Working Group on Public Space and Diversity.


"The Girls" by Setha Low, P.H.D.



Michael Cardacino is a multimedia artist who lives and works in Springs, East Hampton, NY. His art, realized in sculpture, installations, stills and performance pieces on paper and video, evidences an unusual representational take on how art can expand awareness and create a shared experience of timely events. His work also provokes constructive conversation about the causes of suffering and conflict in the world.


"Stand your Ground" by Michael Cardacino.



Rosalind Brenner's art combines her two loves: poetry and art.

"With Gratitude, the artist dances naked in his imaginary world of color and light."


"The Painter/Poet" by Rosalind Brenner.

Doug Reina is interested in creating images that combine the usual with the unusual. "I feel this combination creates a 'what is about to happen here?' feeling that gives the painting a heightened emotional charge," states Reina.

"Self Portrait With Sharks" by Doug Reina.


Margaret Weissbach has started the exhibited series with two large watercolors of intermingling jazz dancers.  The work that followed are monoprints inspired by the watercolors but which modify the paintings by emphasizing simplicity, highlighting  geometrical form and presenting the color rhythm of dancing figures.


"Jazz Dance" by Margaret Weissbach.



Phil Marco’s work is informed by the simplicity of line.

“It seems that the dominant signature of my work has always been graphic simplicity,” states Marco. “This is probably why I’m intuitively drawn to capturing the simple lines and supple beauty of the human form.”

Marco’s work is represented at the Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of The Moving Image and the George Eastman Museum of Photography.


"TORSO #3" by Phil Marco. Photograph,  30 x 40 inches.

"TORSO #3" by Phil Marco. Photograph, 30 x 40 inches.


BASIC FACTS: "Body of Work X" will be exhibited from Oct 12 to 14 at Ashawagh Hall. An Opening Reception will be held on Saturday, Oct 12, from 5 to 8 p.m. The exhibition will be open on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday and Monday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ashawagh Hall is located at 780 Springs Fireplace Rd, Springs, NY 11937. www.ashawagh-hall.org.


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