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A Red Dot Party to celebrate art with an Amagansett connection will be held on Saturday at the Jackson Carriage House in Amagansett. The Red Dot Party (and sale) takes place from 2 to 5 p.m. Underlying the event is an exhibition presenting artists with an Amagansett connection. Proceeds of the art exhibition celebration benefit the Amagansett Historical Association. Funds will help restore historic properties and to set up a photo archive.

"Amagansett Art: Across the Yearspresents a snapshot of the artistic life of Amagansett, according to exhibition organizers. The show was curated by Nina Gillman, Elena Prohaska Glinn, Jeanie Stiles and Isabel Carmichael. Exhibiting artists have some type of connection to Amagansett, a hamlet that's recently come into its own as an art epicenter. This summer, there were no fewer than four art galleries presenting changing exhibitions within a three-block stretch.

The list of participating artists in "Amagansett Art: Across the Yearsstretches to nearly 45 artists and photographers. Exhibiting artists include Richard Baxter, Nicole Bigar, Zoe Pennebaker Breen, Ralph Carpentier, Lucy Cookson, Susan D'Alessio, Kate Davis, Elliott Erwitt,  Victoria Fensterer, Nina Gillman, Burt Glinn, Durell Godfrey, Sue Gussow, Hope Harris, Toby Haynes, Janet Jennings, Teri Kennedy and Doug Kuntz.

Also, Elizabeth Levine, Rick Liss, Vincent Longo, Steve Loschen, Ngaere Macray, Morgan McGivern, Aaron Monet, Pamela Morgan, Michelle Murphy, John Opper, Gosta Peterson, Zak Powers, Ray Prohaska, Denise Regan, Susan Wood Richardson, Ken Robbins, Anne Seelbach, Sarah Stacke, David Stiles, Jeanie Stiles, Strong-Cuevas, Michelle Stuart, David Suter, Veronika Vogler, Rosario Varela, and Lew Zacks.

The Red Dot Party takes place on Saturday, Sept. 14 from 2 to 5 p.m. The party also helps bookend the final weekend of "Amagansett Art: Across the Years". The exhibition  is presented in the atmospheric setting of the Jackson carriage house behind Miss Amelia’s Cottage in Amagansett (Main Street & Windmill Lane).

The last day of the exhibition is Sunday, Sept. 15. The show will be open from 2 to 5 p.m.


"Temple of Poseidon" by Toby Haynes. Oil. Image courtesy of Amagansett Historical Society


"Beaux Rêves" by Jean Trusty Stiles. Photograph. Courtesy of Amagansett Historical Society.


"Napeague Twilight" by Toby Haynes. Oil. Artwork image provided courtesy of Amagansett Historical Society.


BASIC FACTS: "Amagansett Art: Across the Years" remains on view through Sept. 15. A Red Dot Party will take place on Sept. 14 from 2 to 5 p.m. The exhibition is on view at the Jackson Carriage House,  behind Miss Amelia’s Cottage (Main Street & Windmill Lane), Amagansett, NY 11930. www.amagansetthistory.org.


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