There he is again. And again. And again. Repetitious like a multi-paneled Marilyn silkscreen that just sold for $38.2 million at auction in NYC a few weeks ago. Warhol.

You just can’t escape the most successful pop artist. He, like many other deceased artists, still seems to summer in the Hamptons.

Warhol hangs over your head while dining. Wafts by through a perfume. Stands outside a Southampton Gallery. His ghost may even still wander the beaches of Montauk, even if he didn't make there much while alive.

Where’s Warhol? Where isn’t Warhol? Following is an offbeat guide to Andy’s Hamptons:

Starr Boggs restaurant in Westhampton Beach has about 15 original Warhol silkscreen prints lining the dining room walls of the historical house it resides in. With images that range from Greta Garbo to Ingrid Bergman to Judy Garland, Starr has a thing for Andy’s ladies.

A Warhol silkscreen of lifesavers is displayed with an actual bowl of Lifesavers underneath it.

The Warhols on the wall may just make one of the largest private collections on display in the Hamptons. Some of the prints are owned by Starr Boggs, others are “on loan from a friend.” At least, that's all he will say about it.


Blackglama (Judy Garland), 1985 by Andy Warhol.


"Star (Greta Garbo)" by Andy Warhol, 1981.


"Ingrid Berman, 1983" by Andy Warhol


"Lifesavers, 1986" by Andy Warhol.


Chrysalis Gallery at 2 Main Street in Southampton has a life-size set of three Warhols standing with arms crossed and holding court outside their gallery. The work is by sculptor Jack Dowd. It’s called Andy Times Three.

“Everyone comes by and takes a picture with him,” says gallery owner Agnes Ehrenreich. “He is still very interesting to people. Anyone can paint a soup can, but he was the first to give his answer to abstract expressionism when he went to realism. This homage by Jack Dowd uses his main silkscreen colors. He just really caught people's fancy, he seems to be more popular all the time.”


"Andy Times Three" by Jack Dowd.


Eothen in Montauk was Warhol’s retreat from the silvery heat of The Factory in the summer. “A little town on the end of Long Island,” is how he described it. “The next stop is Lisbon, Portugal.”

Warhol was encouraged to buy the five home compound on the ocean by Paul Morrissey, his film director. The duo purchased the 20-acre, ocean-front property, also known as the Church Estate, in early 1972. They paid $225,000.

From guestofaguest website: "According to Warhol’s friend and realtor, Tina Fredericks, it was the eccentric architecture of the nearby Memory and Ronjo Motels that attracted the icon away from the posh mansions of East and Southampton and out to the cliffs of Montauk.”


Ronjo Motel postcard


Jackie Onassis, her sister Lee Radziwill, the Rolling Stones, Bianca Jagger, Joe Dellasandro, Jerry Hall, Liza Minelli, Liz Taylor, John Lennon and Halston were frequent guests at Eothen, according to Fredericks, who also claimed that "Andy hardly spent any time there because his toupee kept blowing away."

Paul Morrissey owned Eothen for decades after Warhol’s death in 1987, finally selling it to J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler in 2007 for nearly $30 million.


Eothen in Montauk.


Warhol’s 1972 Sunset prints are featured on a limited edition Bond No. 9 unisex fragrance called Montauk. The bottle is available in two different styles, which were allegedly created after the candy-colored sundown view from Eothen. The fragrance launched on Memorial Day in 2010. Bottles can still be found online.

The scent riffs on the “city-country duality” and includes notes of bergamot, hyacinth, honeysuckle, amber, driftwood, silver maple and red oak.

Warhol liked the sunset because as he said “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.”


Bond No. 9 Fragrance, "Montauk."


Bond No. 9 Fragrance, Andy Warhol.


At Art Southampton, Warhol will be a centerpiece at the art fair that’s bound to be celebrity-studded. A special art exhibition featuring Warhol is being organized by Gallery Valentine of East Hampton. It also includes a VIP cocktail party and a discussion with several Andy Warhol experts.

“We will be exhibiting some of Warhol's most iconic images including Mao, Flowers and many others,” says Dara Ross Collum of Gallery Valentine. “We chose Warhol because of the film screening happening in August at Guild Hall.”

The Warhol panel is designed to provide insights into Warhol’s art and continuing mystique. Expected experts are Bob Colacello, former Interview editor and author of “Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up,” Lana Jokel, renowned filmmaker and director of “ANDY WARHOL”, Ultra Violet, Factory superstar and Christina Strassfield, chief curator at Guild Hall.

Art Southampton takes place from July 25 to 29 with a VIP preview set for July 25. The art fair returns again to the Southampton Elks Lodge in Southampton.


"Mao No. 4" by Andy Warhol, 1972, 36 in x 36 inches. Image courtesy Gallery Valentine.


Warhol himself makes a guest appearance during the film screening of “ANDY WARHOL” at Guild Hall on Wednesday, Aug 14 at 8 p.m. “ANDY WARHOL” director and filmmaker Lana Jokel will be on hand to discuss her documentary and recall times with Warhol.

On screen, Warhol discusses life, society, money and art with lively exchanges with Philip Johnson, Barbara Rose and others. Insights about the man and his art are uttered by superstars and art world figures including Henry Geldzhaler, Mario Amaya, David Bourdon and Emile de Antonio.

How Hamptons is that?


Phillips Auction sold a 1962 silkscreen painting Four Marilyns for $38.2 million at Phillips in New York May 16th, the top price in their $78.6 contemporary-art sale.

Four Marilyns was consigned by an anonymous collector. The estimate was $35 million to $50 million, according to Phillips’s chief executive officer Michael McGinnis.

“It’s a fluid thing, the estimate upon request,” he later said.

Three bidders held up paddles, or phones, or whatever stands for another million up for the painting by Warhol. The winner was Victoria Gelfand-Magalhaes of Gagosian Gallery, who was bidding for an anonymous client over the phone.

The 29-by-21-inch canvas has four Marilyn Monroe heads: two on the top, two on the bottom. The images are set against a cadmium-orange background and she has lavender skin, bright turquoise eye-shadow and acid-yellow hair. Based on a 1952 publicity still promoting the film “Niagara”, the image was done shortly after her death.

Officials at Phillips declined speak about the consignment, but the trail of ownership is that Phillips’s owners, the Russian retail giant Mercury Group, acquired the painting last year from Manhattan dealer Robert Mnuchin.


"Four Marilyns" by Andy Warhol, 1962.


Need more Warhol? Then check out The Warhol, Andy's art museum. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, The Andy Warhol Museum is a click away from the Hamptons from any keyboard.


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