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The state of contemporary photography is the subject of a lecture presented by art historian and curator Dr. David A. Lewis at fotofoto gallery on Saturday. The talk will also include the ways photographs by Frank Dituri contribute to the overarching dialogue. A book on Dituri’s photographs was published in October 2012 by SFA State University Press. Dr. Lewis wrote one of the essays.

“… of things not seen” presents a semi-retrospective spanning 40 years of Dituri’s work. Photographs present glimpses of ordinary reality as evidence of things not actually seen, according to a book description. While images range in style from crisp to blurry abstraction, the figures and landscapes presented in the book “…suggest unfolding, open-ended narratives,” according to Amazon.com.


Photograph by Frank Dituri. Courtesy fotofoto gallery.


Dituri exhibits frequently in Italy, Russia, Japan and the Czech Republic. In 2013, there are three shows planned for Italy and one scheduled for Russia. Dituri is based in New York and Italy. A solo exhibition inspired by his book is currently on view at fotofoto.

Saturday’s lecture will include Lewis’s views on contemporary photography in society today. He also plans to use Dituri’s book as a lens for the talk. Lewis plans to take attendees on n intellectual journey that begins with Dituri's early street photography, continues with the evocative works in black and white, and finishes with an examination of the artist's new work in color, according to the gallery. Rather than follow a strictly chronological order, Dr. Lewis is expected to present the photography thematically and interpret the works in metaphysical and experimental terms.

The lecture takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. A reception and a book signing benefiting the non-profit gallery immediately follows. The event is free.

Dituri is considered a colleague, mentor and friend to many at fotofoto gallery, according to photographer Allison Rufrano. Her work is also the subject of a solo show at the gallery.


Photograph by Frank Dituri. Courtesy fotofoto gallery.


Dr. David A. Lewis is an art history professor at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas. As a curator, he has presented retrospectives of Dorothy Shakespear (1886-1973), Leonard Baskin (1922-2000) and Rico Lebrun (1900-1964). His writings include interviews of select jurors of the TEXAS NATIONAL annual exhibition. They include Doug + Mike Starn, Donald Sultan, “The Art Guys” (Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing) and Sandy Skoglund.


Photograph by Frank Dituri. Courtesy fotofoto gallery.


In addition to Dituri’s solo show, there are two other exhibitions currently on view. They are "Cubs" by Allison Rufrano and “Four from Three," presenting works by Ray Germann, Seth Kalmowitz and Thom O'Connor. All three exhibitions close on Feb 24, 2013.

“Cubs” is a new series by Rufrano that presents larger-than-life portraits of children. Centering on their faces, the images appear surreal. Each is saturated with color. Evocative lighting and texture is used to make the images.

Rufrano exhibits internationally and nationally. Her photography explores the mysterious, the spiritual and the ambiguous through a central and solitary figure. Rufrano uses her camera “…as a mirror to reflect a vision that questions reality and meaning,” according to her website.

She has a second solo show on view at Soho Photo in TriBeCa. "Memory Box" features 14 color photographs. The show is on view from Feb 6 through March 2, 2013.

BASIC INFO: The lecture “Contemporary Photography Today” by David A. Lewis takes place on Saturday from 5 to 7 p.m. at fotofoto gallery. The event includes a reception and book signing of ". . . of things not seen" by photographer Frank Dituri. Admission to the lecture, book signing and reception is free.

A portion of book sales will be donated to fotofoto gallery. The event includes a special book signing price of $30 plus tax (regularly $40). The book is published by SFA State University Press, Texas. It includes essays by Dr. David A. Lewis and Naomi Rosenblum.

Currently on view are “Frank Dituri: …of things not seen,” "Cubs" by Allison Rufrano and "Four from Three" with photographs by Ray Germann, Seth Kalmowitz and Thom O'Connor. All three exhibitions close on Feb 24.

fotofoto gallery is located at 14 West Carver Street, Huntington, NY 11743 www.fotofotogallery.org.

Frank Dituri: www.FrankDituri.com

Allison Rufrano: www.allisonrufrano.com

"Memory Box: Allison Rufrano" remains on view through March 2 at Soho Photo, 14 White Street, New York, NY 10013. www.sohophoto.com


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