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There's no way to miss it. "It" is an 175-feet wall covered with new street art made by international street artists. The wall is located on the lawn of the Fountain Art Fair in Miami. The art is the result of a collaboration between Living Walls, a non-profit organization from Atlanta, GA, and The Marketplace Gallery of Albany, NY.

After gazing at the completed work, it's possible to witness new street art unfolding. En Masse of Montreal, Canada will be painting all weekend on a site-specific installation at Fountain Art Fair.

Making street art on the 175-foot wall are 22 artists from the United States, Argentina, China, South Africa, Italy, Canada and Australia.

Expected to participate are Rone (Australia), LNY (New Jersey), PLF (Atlanta, GA), Trek Matthews (Atlanta, GA), Jaz (Argentina), Elain (Argentina), Ever (Argentina), Dal East (China), Faith 47 (South Africa), Molly Rose Freeman (Tennessee), Dustin Spagnola (North Carolina), Pixel Pancho (Italy), Never 2501 (Italy), Sam Parker (Atlanta, GA), GILF! (New York City, NY), EnMasse (Canada), Lauren Napolitano (Oakland, CA), Joe Iurato (New Jersey), Anne Preece (Los Angeles, CA), Nobody (New York City, NY), Pastel (Argentina) and Hec One Love (Miami, FL).

Here's a look at the street art in process:


Art in process by Dustin Spagnola as part of the Living Walls installation at Fountain Art Fair in Miami, FL. Photo: Rachel Esterday. Courtesy Fountain Art Fair.


Street art in process by Living Walls at Fountain Art Fair in Miami, FL. Photo: Rachel Esterday. Courtesy Fountain Art Fair.


Street art in process by Living Walls at Fountain Art Fair in Miami, FL. Photo: Rachel Esterday. Courtesy Fountain Art Fair.



Living Walls is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta that aims to "transform perspectives toward public space utilizing street art," according to an event release. In addition to presenting street art, the organization hosts programs and initiatives to help build a platform for dialogue within their city. livingwallsconference.com.

Here is a short teaser on the Miami installation presented by Living Walls and Fountain Art Fair: http://vimeo.com/54507023

BASIC FACTS: Fountain Art Fair will be held from Dec 6 to 9, 2012 at 2505 N Miami Ave. Miami, FL in the Wynwood Arts District. An Opening Night Reception takes place tonight (Friday) from 7 p.m. to Midnight featuring easy beats by JPatt of The Knocks. An Opening Night After Party with Creamhotel takes place from Midnight to 5 a.m. at Cafeina. TikiDisco of Brooklyn is featured at a party held on Saturday from 7 to Midnight. The evening is presented by Miami New Times and Fountain Art Fair.

Fountain Art Fair opens daily at noon. Admission is $8 per day, $13 for a weekend pass and $45 for a VIP Pass. Purchase online at fountainmiami.eventbrite.com or at the door.

This is Fountain Art Fair's seventh year in Miami, FL. The fair is located in a 19,000 square foot warehouse with concrete floors and 16-foot ceilings. Fountain Art Fair is designed to present an alternate experience to expected art fair presentations. Exhibiting are around 42 galleries, organizations or groups based around the world.

For details, visit www.fountainartfair.com.


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