Rory Evenson-Phair likes to let his mind wander and consider life's incongruities. Like an essayist, he enjoys connecting dots that aren't always obvious. Life can be absurd and weird. Technologies, creature comforts, conveniences and cultural patterns of today didn't always exist and might warrant some wonderings.


....iPhones, Internet browsing, New Year's Resolutions, videos on demand, subways, freeways, cereal, iPods, skyscrapers, texting, Wall Street, exercise routines, marketing strategies, hair products, fish in aquariums, barbells, Ambien, Nickelback, dogs, tigers, frogs...

All of the following are ballpoint pen on paper.





BASIC FACTS: Rory Evenson-Phair began to reflect on the absurdity of life with a ballpoint pen while studying molecular genetics at the University of Rochester. Downtime while experiments unfolded allowed for drawing time. Unhappy with the prospect of life as a scientific researcher, Evenson-Phair set out to find his own way after graduating in 2008. When not drawing, reflecting on life, working or living the life of an artist, Evenson-Phair teaches flying trapeze in New York City.

Evenson-Phair grew up in East Hampton and graduated from The Ross School. He currently lives in Manhattan.

His work has been exhibited at Neoteric Fine Art and Whitewash Studios in Amagansett, NY (and other places).

Additional drawings can be found at and


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