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It's an unusual spot for an art exhibition. The building sits waterside with only bulkheading and a wooden walkway separating it from the waters of the bay. The view is stunning. On Wednesday nights, sailboats soar by as they compete in long-held races. Mostly, it would be difficult to spot the exhibition unless you knew it was there. The show, held in the former The Galley Ho, is across the street from Legends restaurant. Like its name, the restaurant is legendary and can be found via word-of-mouth or GPS.

The location is perfect for the exhibition "North Fork x North Fork Artists (NFxNF)." The show is a fundraiser for the New Suffolk Waterfront Fund (NSWF). The non-profit was formed to preserve the waterfront area for public use. The organization also plans to transform the former bar-restaurant into a permanent place for art shows and other usages.

View from the proposed art center.

This is the last weekend for "NFxNF." A closing reception will be held on Saturday (Sept 15, 2012) from 5 to 7 p.m. The show runs through Sept 16, 2012.

On view are works made by artists who live on the North Fork. The show consciously portrays art depicting or was inspired by the North Fork, said Rob White, who co-curated the show with his wife, Kate.

"NFxNF" presents 61 artworks made by 17 artists. Exhibiting artists include Ted Victoria, Alan Bull, Phil Marco, Jada Rowland, Garance, Patricia Feiler, Connie Gillies, Keith Mandell, Steve Berger, Rob White, Rick Mizdal, Bob Mueller, Max Moran and others.

The majority of the art on view are landscapes or seascapes. However, there are a few surprises.

For instance, Victoria is exhibiting prints on birch from a projected installation of brine shrimp mounted in New York City. A similar installation was presented in Riverhead, NY. Projected images of the squirming sea life filled the windows of a vacant building across the street from East End Arts, who sponsored the installation.

One of Berger's photographs uses a start button from a historic vehicle for its composition. A potato is the subject of a portrait, of sorts, in the work "Homage to a Potato" by Marco.


"Infestation 2" by Ted Victoria. Print on birch from a projected window installation in NYC.


"Inspiration" by Steve Berger. Photograph, 11 x 15 inches.


Birds make multiple appearances in "NFxNF".


"Heron" by Connie Gillies.


"Bird" by Garance. Acrylic, pen, and paper.


"Snowy Egret" by Steve Berger. Photograph, 8 x 10 inches.


Mostly, the artwork in "NFxNF" presents the beauty of North Fork vistas.


"Winter Beach Day at Indian Island" by Patricia Feiler.


Oil painting by Bob Mueller. 14 x 18 inches.


"Jamesport Bay" by Keith Mandell. Oil on canvas.


In the end, hosting an art exhibition to raise money to preserve the New Suffolk Waterfront made sense, said White. It's a perfect marriage between the North Fork art community and the residents who banded together to form the non-profit, he said. Tired of seeing the waterfront area turn fallow, funds were raised to purchase the property and preserve it in perpetuity, according to NSWF information.

Further funds are now needed to renovate the three buildings on the two and a half-acre site. Future usages planned include a snack bar of sorts, a marina, exhibition space for area history, performances, movie screenings, art shows and areas for community gatherings, according to a NSWF brochure.

Having a place to exhibit art is an exciting prospect, said Berger. Right now, the only non-commercial art exhibition spaces are East End Arts in Riverhead and Brecknock Hall in Greenport, he said.

"This would be perfect," said Berger. "This is right in between."


Browsing the art.


Exhibition co-curator Rob White sits beside some of his artwork (right and left).


BASIC FACTS: "NFxNF" remains on view through Sunday at The Galley Ho on the New Suffolk waterfront at Main St and Front St. A Closing Reception will be held on Saturday from 5 to 7 p.m. A portion of art sales benefits New Suffolk Waterfront Fund. The next (and final) fundraiser is the Second Annual New Suffolk Artsy, Craftys, Fun-key Festival. It will be held on Oct 13 and 14, 2012.

For details on the New Suffolk Waterfront Fund, visit www.newsuffolkwaterfront.org.


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  1. Thank you for the terrific article about the NF x NF Art Show in New Suffolk. It is an exciting event and each year there is new and interesting art. And there is no doubt that the Galley Ho has best vista on the North Fork, supported by the dedicated members of the New Suffolk community. I am one of the artists whose painting “Winter Beach Day at Indian Island” you included in the article. Many thanks again.
    Patricia Feiler

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