David Geiser's been at it again. When he picks up his colored pencils, anything can happen and usually does. The illustrations that follow spring from Geiser's early morning doodles. Chalk them up to a mix of caffeine, an unfettered imagination and the need to creatively roam.






David Geiser’s art and Geiser Ink can be found at www.geiser.net.

Geiser’s illustrations have been exhibited across the United States. Geiser Ink has reproduced a series of drawings as notecards. Geiser discovered a love of narrative illustration when he joined the underground Comix movement in CA. He wrote and illustrated around 15 limited run subversive comix books before turning his focus to fine art.

When he isn't drawing, Geiser is an abstract expressionist painter. His work has been exhibited nationally. His next exhibition opens on Oct 7 in North Potomac, MD. "Positively Elemental: Earth forces at work in the paintings of David Geiser" is being presented by Artists Circle Fine Art.

David Geiser is based in East Hampton, NY.


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