If you're searching for a pipeline to searing humor, Peter Spacek knows the best spots. Spacek serves up irony on the waters and the Hamptons mainland in cartoons and illustrations. An avid surfer and long-time Hamptons resident, Spacek has plenty to say.



"Fish Fence" by Peter Spacek.



EXTRA INFO: These cartoons were created for and published by The East Hampton Star newspaper. The publication is based in East Hampton, NY. Spacek has created cartoons weekly as the newspaper's cartoonist-in-residence since 2006.

As an artist and avid surfer, Spacek channels his observations about surfing culture through Ditch Ink (named after a surfing spot called Ditch in Montauk, NY).

Ditch Ink publications include the surfing etiquette guide "Wetiquette" and comic illustrated greeting cards. Two of his surfing-themed Christmas cards have been included in The Museum of Modern Art's card collection.

Spacek's book "Surf and Mirth" includes over 100 cartoons and illustrations presenting the wacky side of Hamptons life. It was published by Ditch Ink in 2010.

As a fine artist, Spacek 0ften uses surfboards as his canvas. He describes his work as "contemporary scrimshaw on surfboard." Engraved ink is his medium of choice.

Spacek's early career includes working as a commercial illustrator for Madison Avenue ad agencies and contributing illustrations to national magazines including The Surfer's Journal.

Art by Peter Spacek can be found at www.ditchink.com and www.facebook.com/PeterSpacekArt.

Spacek currently lives in Springs, NY. He is a former Montauk resident.


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