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This week's spotlight shines on the inaugural exhibition of a new artist book shop, a group exhibition presenting art made from reused materials and a group show playing up the joys of summer.

Here is this week's THREE TO SEE:

  • “Dead Flowers" by Dan Colen – KARMA
  • "She Sells Seashells by the Seashore" - QF Gallery
  • “Holy Crap!” – The Fireplace Project



The solo exhibition marks KARMA's arrival to the Hamptons. Its flagship store--which focuses on artist books--is located in the West Village. This is Colen's first solo show in the Hamptons.

"Dead Flowers" features three flower paintings, M&M-painted rock sculptures, and one metamorphosed park bench.

"All of these artworks seem to exist as in a dream or altered state; mutations and disruptions can be acknowledged without affecting our ability to wholly accept the resulting phantasmagoric landscape," according to the gallery.

"The planar world contorts, stained and bent, into a world of vortices. New sensations wrap themselves around the old, and the synthetic fuses to the natural—just in time for a midsummer’s night.

The show opened on Aug 4 and remains on view through Aug 17. If visiting on Sunday, there's a book signing from 2 to 5 p.m. for "A Real Slow Drag" by Adam McEwen. The book is published by Marianne Boesky Gallery.

KARMA is located at 249 Main St, Amagansett, NY. karmakarma.org


"Dead Flowers," installation by Dan Colen.


"Dead Flowers," installation by Dan Colen.


Painting made with crushed flowers by Dan Colen.


"Dead Flowers" by Dan Colen, Installation.



"She Sells Seashells by the Seashore" is an eclectic show that allows the fun to shine through. The group show includes contemporary art, 19th century paintings, antique & folk collectibles, artists' jewelry, designer / artist bathing suits and seashells.

The group show is curated by Kinz + Tillou Fine Art of New York City. An opening reception takes place on Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m.
"It is a quick show for which we selected works that range from serious to fun and from challening to entertaining," said exhibition curators Lance Kinz and Michelle Tillou. "For a gallery and shop of interesting and curious things for sale, it is a summer art show with summer art and seashells!"
Exhibiting artists include Kim Keever, Spencer Tunick, Edwina White, Megan Greene, Joni Sternbach, Javier Pinon, John Spinks, Elizabeth Insogna, Mara Hoffman, Renėe Riccardo, Morissa Geller, Ayca Koseogullari, Alan Steele, Mia Berg and others.
QF Gallery is a curatorial project space that opened in July 2012 with "Wearwithall," an exhibition of wearable works. "She Sells Seashells by the Seashore" is the gallery's final exhibition for the summer.

"Her iPod" by Edwina White, 2011. pencil, ink, acrylic, 18 x 15.5 inches.


"07.05.27 #3 Bettina" by Joni Sternbach, c2007, Montauk NY. Unique Tintype, 8 x 10 inches.


"Montauk 2 (Surfers' Beach) 2009" by Spencer Tunick. C-print mounted between plexi, 30 x 37 inches. Ed. of 6. © Spencer Tunick.



"Holy Crap!" presents art that incorporates scrap, detritus and actual trash as material for new artworks.

The show is curated by Michele Maccarone. Exhibiting artists include Nate Lowman, Rob Pruitt, Dan Colen, and Piotr Uklański.

In line with the exhibition title, the artworks are a diverse with unusual materials.

Lowman is exhibiting drop cloths paintings use residue to create them. Drips of painting and the swipes of paintbrushes were used to make these works.

Pruitt will present "his signature flea market," according to the gallery. In a twist, the belongings he will sell will be his own. Pruitt is also exhibiting a sculpture.

Colen is exhibiting "trash painting" made from ready-made discarded objects.

An opening reception will be held on Saturday from 6 to 8 p.m. The opening includes a “flea market” by Rob Pruitt. It will continue on Sunday before concluding at 5 p.m.

Holy Crap!" remains on view through Sept 17.

The Fireplace Project is located at 851 Springs Fireplace Road, Springs, NY. www.thefireplaceproject.com


"The Dance" by Nate Lowman, 2012.


"I'm Loving It" by Nate Lowman, 2012. Oil, dirt, and alkyd on canvas, 54 x 33 inches.


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