Justin Smith is one of Spyüngo's biggest fans. Maybe that's because he created the endearing ogre who lives to stir up trouble. When your tromping grounds are the shadows of abandoned chemical refineries in Bayonne, NJ, poking around dark places is a natural.

Spyüngo is the gatekeeper of a mutant secret world that's stumbled upon by teenage burnouts Harry and Tubbo. What happens next is anyone's guess...

What follows is an advance of the first few pages of the fourth comic book that hits the stands next month.





Justin Smith developed many of the characters living in Mutonia in a series of paintings which are now part of private art collections, he said.

"Spyüngo!"  began as a proposal for an animated series developed while Smith was working as a freelance storyboard artist and production designer for clients that included CourtTV, MSNBC and Beantown Productions.

Through "Spyüngo!," Reverend Justin Smith gets to climb upon a soapbox to share his philosophies on "...the environment, power structures, alienation, addiction, adolescence and heavy f***ing metal."

"Spyüngo!" is available online at spyungo.com, indyplanet.com and comixpress.com. It can also be found at Vector Books in Bayonne, NJ and Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash in Red Bank, NJ. It is self-published by Bonac Tonic Comics.

Art by Justin Smith can be found at www.justinsmithart.com.

Smith lives in North Haven, NY.


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