David Geiser is an early riser, a coffee lover and an abstract painter. He also likes doodling. One morning while drinking coffee, he found himself sketching on a yellow notepad. A character appeared. Situations began swirling. The drawing was transformed.

The random occurrence turned into habit. Friends and art collectors began receiving emails with the narrative surrealistic drawings. Pretty soon, Geiser Ink was born.

The following drawings have no titles. Geiser prefers viewers come up with their own take without hints from him.

Got your coffee?







David Geiser's art and Geiser Ink can be found at www.geiser.net.

Geiser's illustrations have been exhibited in galleries in the United States. Select drawings have been produced as notecards. Geiser made his first foray into the world of comic in the sixties with the underground Comix movement. He wrote and illustrated around 15 limited run comic books before focusing on fine art.

David Geiser is based in East Hampton, NY.

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